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Worst meeting ever

I just got out of the worst meeting ever. How bad was it? The only thing that prevented me from disemboweling myself with my ballpoint pen was that I didn't want to bleed on my pretty cashmere sweater.

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Thank goodness for cashmere sweaters! For a disemboweled Beth would not be a happy Beth, I am thinking.

You've just described every meeting I've been in, ever.

i have that same meeting in an hour. can i borrow your sweater? because frankly, this shirt might look a little better with some red in it.

that's the one good thing about my job - no meetings. *lol*

So sorry - I actually went to a good meeting today. They fed us breakfast and lunch, and the food was absolutely gourmet. Can't beat that!
Maybe your next meeting will be a better one.

Go buy cute shoes, they will make you feel better. This is what I am doing as sooon as I can spring myself from this cubicle today...

Did you trying feigning (sp?) a severe sleep deprivation? Do one of those head nod things and then just slam your forehead down onto the table. If you stop yourself just before your head hits, and simultaneously use your hands under the table to hit it from underneith, it looks totally real. I think they'd let you leave then.

Daaaamn! I've been in those kinds of meetings before. I feel for ya. Being that I'm a guy and never wear cashmere, though...I must find another reason not to disembowel myself with my ball point pen.

Hmmm... are you SURE you don't work in my building??? heh... I so can relate hon.

hey I was at that meeting last week!....except I was the one in the back of the room hitting my head on the desk willing my self to go into a coma

I'm sorry! But good thing you didnt ruin the sweater!

see, cashmere sweaters serve more than the purpose of looking nice :) they save lives! let's start a campaign. we'll have signs and stickers and pins that say "Cashmere: Your Life Depends on It" or something corny.

yes...i think we're on to something!

For crying out loud, don't you people have Palm Pilots?!

Yes, cashmire definately doesn't clean up so well after blood stains. Wise choice!

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