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Again with the pregnant thing, sorry

I was going to write about something other than being pregnant today, because if I go on about it constantly until August even I'm going to get sick of it. I had two problems though. First, I didn't tell anybody (well hardly anybody) for over seven weeks, so now I feel pretty much want to just talk about it all the time. Sorry about that. Second, I thought of something very important that I completely forgot to tell you. Are you ready? It's pretty exciting. I finally have boobs!

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Congrats Beth!! I'm really happy for you guys!! And the boobs do rock!

Talk about it all you want. It's your right. :)

I love pregnancy. For other people...I'm done!
Keep sharing!

I went from a full "A" cup to a DOUBLE D cup by the time my milk came in with LilZoot. Yep. I had to buy DOUBLE D nursing bras! So just wait! They'll get even BIGGER!

I love boobs! After going on birth control I grew to a C. Mr. loves it.

Yes, boobs are a wonderful part of being pregnant! The morning we left the hospital with my youngest, I was just a nursing new mom. By late afternoon I had small starving countries calling to see if they could get in line for the free milk!! I was quite concerned about drowning my poor child at every feeding!! (He did survive thank goodness!) Enjoy them while they are soley yours!

Welcome boobs!

That was one part of pregnancy and breastfeeding that I could have done without.

girl, it's your blog. talk about it all you want. no need to apologize for anything. plus, the need to talk about something is directly proportional to how much you want it. we all know how that is.

Yay boobs! That's most excellent.

Dude, you're PREGNANT. That's, like, way more exciting than anything I ever do. You talk about it all you want!

Hurray for boobs! I went from a full B to full E when the milk finally came in! And talk about your pregnancy all you want. As I'm going through my I-Want-Another-Baby phase (but have not met any potential sperm donors. haha) I'd love to read about this very magical time in your life. :)

I love hearing about pregnancy when its not me ;) Hey, I did it 3 times already lol

Boobs are definitely one of the perks! Want me to send you some preggie pops? I got tons of them ;)

You talk about your pregnancy all you want. It's exciting, and it is kind of a big deal after all.

Oh, and um, hi boobs.

Yeah, Baby!

/Austin P.

(Now would be a fine time to start that photo gallery! wink wink, nudge nudge, knowwhatImean?)

Like Zoot said, just WAIT.

Oh my goodness.

Oh, talk about it all you want-- it's a fascinating subject.

Hang on while I go find my elusive "feminine side".

Ok...I'm back.
Boobs? You have boobs? Oh how exciting for you! Boobs are so much fun to have...I've always loved mine. I like to take them for walks and rides i the car and every once and a while we go to the movies.
*sigh* yeah...having boobs is almost as good as having balls. Know what I mean? I'm really attached to those too. Maybe moreso than most other body parts. I don't like to play favorites, but between you and me...I dig my balls.

I'm glad we had this talk.

boobs!....I have this horrable fear that when I actually get pregnate mine are going to get gimungus......but I'm happy that you are pleased with this side effect of Bean.

whoa...they come that quickly??

Ah, yes...fond memories of mammories.

THAT definitely was a BIG plus of being preggers.

And you have not mentioned any adverse side effects yet, so let's just hope no morning/afternoon/evening sickness ensues.

I had this kind of an "adversity to smells" when I was pregnant the first time. I'd all of a sudden have to bail out of the kitchen, cuz the smell of the cooking food was overwhelming. Never really got "sick", tho, thank God.

What are you craving, may I ask? My first was green apples. HAD to HAVE them.......the second was, well, just about everything. Food was my friend........

And, like they have said.....go on! Talk about it all you want. It is your blog and this is history in the making....might as well document it!

Congrats again! Very happy for you.

Here's me with the belated congratluations for the baby and timely congrats for the boobs! Yay! I so happy for all of, your hubby, the baby and and the girls! :)

The boobs are the greatest, aren't they! I was so happy to see them when I had my son. I was also sad to see them go when he stopped nursing at the age of 9 months.

Don't ever apologize for being excited about the whole pregnancy thing. Shoot, I still talk about my pregnancy, 15 years later! Is that pathetic or what?



That's great but don't buy a new bra yet. They may get bigger still!

Well, and I thought you were going to buy mine. You can still buy mine, cuz I certainly don't want them when I get pregnant. I'll be like Ms. Zoot.

I'll just say congrats to Rude Cactus for this particular post. Heehee.

Yeah you like them now. Just wait until you have to wear one of those super duper underwire bras that even a secret service agent wouldn't be able to get into! lol

Good for you!

Ah the arrival of the Boob Fairy... I am sure that your husband is excited about that. Except I'll bet they are too sore to let him touch? That's what I've heard anyway. It's a cruel joke mother nature plays on men.

Talk about it all you want - I do :) And yes the boobs is a nice perk, for about the first 16-20 weeks its just about the only way to really know that your preggers! Oh well that, and the sleeping disorder....

Awwwwwww Beth...
I don't mind you talkin' about it all the time.
You're just very happy about expecting a baby!
And boobs.
yeap... could use some of those too. Actually, that's the main reason I'm trying to get pregnant! hahahahaha
Ok. No. Just kidding.

i love hearing baby/pregnancy related stories :)

(Hey! Grab those boobs and surround them in a froth of loveliness, because I'm here to deliver an invite for a celebration in your honor...)

Hello! I am here on behalf of the membership of The Poppy Club. We appreciate the fabulosity of your blog and congratulate you on your recent success in The Best of Blogs Award competition. We are hosting a party to celebrate you and your fellow finalists and would be honored if you would join us to walk the Red Carpet and greet your fans:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday--January 21-23
The Tall Poppy Diaries

Attire: Black Tie
Red Carpet Opens at 12:01 on Friday, January 21

We hope that you and your friends can join us. And again, please accept our congratulations and best wishes for a very successful and happy 2005.

They get bigger too :-)

Does it get any better than this - first a baby and now boobs! Hope you both get a chance to enjoy them for a while and, hey, where are the pictures?

I caught the news a little late, but CONGRATS!!! I know this is wanted you wanted and I couldn't be happier for you. When I read the entry I got so excited, it's like the perfect ending to a story. I'm betting on August 3, because well, that's my b-day too so I'm kinda partial. Congrats again!!!

you know what? you deserve to talk about it as much as you want! gosh golly, don't you know we come here for the pregnant boob talk! =) i loved my pregnant boobs, i cherished my pregnant boobs, i flaunted them.

The boobs was the best part. I still play with mine.

If you breastfeed though, lookout, they head south.

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