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All baby weekend

So I'm going to try to alternate and do one baby post and then one non-baby post, but I'm so addle-brained lately I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it up.

I had an all baby weekend, well, once I left the bar on Friday anyway.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my Mom. For maternity clothes. Eek. I bought my first pair of actual maternity pants, which I don't need yet but will need someday. At the moment, these things are so huge that you could get in them with me and then we could make out.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes, shopping. In addition to the maternity pants I got two sweaters that are way too big and have ties so I will be able to hold them closed over my burgeoning belly. Then we got tired of ugly maternity clothes and bought baby clothes instead. You've already seen the ducks, but you will just have to take my word that I bought the cutest bib ever conceived. It has Winnie the Pooh embroidered on it and then little folded fabric ears. I know the ears are just going to be full of cheerios and drool, but it is so damned cute I couldn't resist. One of the real benefits of having this kid will be finally having a cover story for my unnatural Winnie the Pooh addiction.

On Sunday, we finished cleaning out the (gulp) nursery. Prior to being pressed into service as a nursery, this room served as overflow storage for our books. Cleaning it out involved carrying I can't even guess how many hundreds of books and three very heavy bookshelves down two flights of stairs and then replacing all the books on the shelves. The best part was that the shelves barely fit down the stairs to the basement, so not only did we have to hold the heavy shelves while standing on stairs and bent at odd angles, we had to wiggle them to get them around the turns. Once we finished, I declared that it had been my last experience with hard physical labor until I am no longer lifting stuff for two. Lima Bean and I are spending the rest of our time on the couch. Oh, and the treadmill, but Lima Bean loves the treadmill. Do you think my gym would let me push Lima Bean in a stroller on the treadmill?

Sunday night I had a dream about having the baby. I had one dream before about the baby sleeping in a bassinet next to my bed, but this time I was actually in the hospital having apparently only recently finished popping the kid out. So the nurse or somebody handed me the baby and it was beautiful and soft and good and then they told me the baby had leukemia. What I want to know is, where the hell did I come up with leukemia? From now on, I insist that all of my "there's something wrong with my baby" dreams involve things like antlers or speaking fluent Yiddish or being born 14 years old. No more of this horrible disease crap; I will hereby accept nothing short of crazy.

Ok, I have to tell you the cutest thing ever, even though it will probably piss off my husband that I told the entire Internet. (I'm pregnant, how mad at me can he get?) When I came home on Saturday and showed him the little duck onesie, he said "Oh, that makes me want to cry." Could you just eat him with a spoon, or what?

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I love your baby posts! If all you want to do is gush about lima bean and hubby and cute baby clothes for the next 6 months go for it! :) You totally deserve it, and when I finally get my lazy little bitches to cooperate with me I'll be doing the same thing!

It's called..PLACENTA BRAIN get used to it cause it stays with you until they're 5

oh come on. he can't be mad that you told us that! doesn't he know his audience yet? you guys can do no wrong! well, unless you start running people over on purpose or something crazy like that. barring that however -- hey, what was that you said about making out?

Oh man that is the cutest thing ever! HAHA... And I love the baby posts too. I read a lot of infertility blogs, and it's nice to read about a happy pregnancy.

Works been kicking my butt, and I've fallen behind on my favorite blogs. And here I find the most awesome news ever, that you are expecting!!!! I think I must have squeeled, because my coworkers are looking at me funny. So I am late, but I wanted to congratulate you and tell you how very thrilled I am for you and Chris!!! What a blessed child, to have two such wonderful human beings as parents. Cyber hugs to you!

I personally think y'all should just go ahead and set up a Winnie the Pooh themed website dedicated to your baby before and after birth! Do it...yeah go on and do it! You know you want to! hehehe

My friend had the entire 100 acre woods community tattooed like a belt around her waist. 2 kids later? Pooh's looking a little pooped, to say the least. Hope your obsession hasn't taken you that far.

Please, please, please...stick with Lima Bean and DO NOT start calling your baby "Pooh" after your obsession with the honey-lovin' bear. You can take it from my step-sister, it ain't fun being 30 and STILL having your mother refer to you as a bodily function! I can only thank god that she didn't think of it when I was a baby.


It's sorta an awful feeling when all of those HUGE clothes you thought were so HUGE start to fit you. Can you tell i am having a fat day? :)

No ugly maternity clothes allowed! Check out,, and because I am a self professed Target whore, Liz Lange maternity line.

Oh, and I love Pooh too! We did J's room in Classic Pooh and it was so sweet.

And yes, I'll say it again, your husband is adorable.

You are starting to make me want to smell a baby again.

Keep those baby posts coming!

You do have a sweet man there. That was just the perfect thing for him to say.

I used to dream that my daughter was born with a watermelon head, as in actual watermelon, not just the shape of.

Oh, to be pregnant again! I always had the craziest dreams and craved APplebee's buffalo wings. Congrats and good luck. There's nothing like it on the face of the earth.
Oh, and if you have heartburn, the wive's tale is that the baby will be hairy. I averaged 15 tums a day - the girl was born with hair on her triceps and shoulders so whaddya think?
PS come see me and maybe we can link up

Awwwwwwww!! You guys are adorable. And please stop apologizing for the baby posts. You know everyone had become obsessed with them, right? =P

ha ha ha! Even if he's pissed, that's totally worth it.

Two words - Baby Shower

I love your baby posts too because I get to relive the whole happy anticipation thing! E-mail me if you want and I will give you an accumulated list (from no less than 4 recently pregnant women) of pregnancy and baby things. There were lots of things that I ended up buying ('cuz I didn't do the list until later), but in the end found not so useful.

Keep those baby posts coming!!!!

Just one more comment about that last post -- that guy REALLY deserved a swift kick. Granted, he didn't know you were pregnant and whatnot, and had probably been drinking, but still. Asshole.

I LOVE your baby posts! All these firsts are SO exciting and how special that you have a blog to express yourself in.
Your hubby is DEFINITELY a sweetie! :)

I love each and every post about Lima Bean and Hubby! Keep em coming! That dream woulda scared the jeebies outta me! When I was preg I dreamt that all my teeth were falling out all of the time! LOL

Mr Fish is so sweet! Oh, and I dreamed I gave birth to a cat when I was pregnant.

Now I can freely admit to having an unnatural Pooh addiction too.

*running off to Mr Fish to tease him for crying over a little duckie*

I AM loving your husband! He is a great guy! And it is great you are talking about ALL of it! This is where you can!

And I had those horrible something is really wrong dreams the ENTIRE time I was pregnant! Both times! I think it has something to do with our hormones! Darn it! Hang in there...they are not reality!

And it is not 1979...they have GREAT prego clothes, just have to find the right place! Mine were TRULY ugly, I ended up buying huge jeans and wearing those with tops that covered the tummy, I couldn't stand the ugly!

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