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Avast Ye!

"Arrr! We've got 'er now. She's a right proud beauty, she is. No quarter, me mateys! Dead men tell no tales!"

What are you doing?

"Blimey, Cap'n! We've given chase and overhauled this here prize. We'll seize her booty, hang the hands from the yardarm and scuttle this jollyboat."

Seize her booty? I'm not sure Beth would appreciate that. Her husband either.

"Oo's Beth, Cap'n?"

The owner of the blog. We're here with her permission. And stop calling me Cap'n.

"Wha'?! The saucy wench in the tricorn hat? The one with all the bloody handbags?"

Well, that's not a very nice thing to say, but, yes, that's her.

"Well she's got grog then, an' that's good enough for our bunch o' scurvy dogs."

No. Blog. Short for Web log, or online journal.



"That's being a bit of a rum fellow, Cap'n. Smartly then, me hearties! Back to the ship!"

Sorry, Beth. Pardon our mess.