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Beth is shot

I was looking at the password and couldn't figure out why it was "Beth is shot". It made me think of that Beatles thing where they said "Paul is dead", only we didn't have to load the webpage backwards.

I wanted to say some really cool things but every time I get on a guest blog page, I can't think of a thing.

One thing I will point out is that I got in big trouble from my wife for posting a picture on my blog of another woman standing on my stomach. She said I never showed her the picture but I did. You guys know how these conversations go. You will lose all because woman will withhold something you need to live. Um, internet service, ofcourse. I don't need the other thing. TV, that is.

And I also want to point out that Beth always looks too damn happy in pictures. She has that big smile on her face and looks so damn content it makes me a little annoyed sometimes. People really have no reason to be that happy. She always says she's bitchy but we don't see evidence. I'd like a hidden cam pic of Beth being pissed off.

I also voted for Beth for best new blog. I think. Is that what she's up for? I voted anyway. I hope it doesn't get ugly or nasty like it has on other categories. That's just stupid. All the hate mail and blog trashing is crazy. I'm just glad that I can go use the library computer and nobody can trace my computer.

Here's hoping you all have a fun and happy day (well, not too happy, cuz ya know...). I have to go and have lunch and then sit in a meeting and be yelled at because I'm filling in for someone else who is avoiding the meeting.

Jon in Michigan

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Where are the pictures of Beth?

And why does everybody know how to use links except me?

Beth is NOT shot! Beth is hot! That's what her password says :)

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