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Did I mention I'm pregnant?

Man, I love you guys! I hope that you will still love me when I am fat and bloated and cranky. Now that's a pretty picture, isn't it? Thank you all so much for your good wishes. It has been really hard keeping this secret for the past 7 weeks, and it was lots of fun to finally be able to share the news.

So, details. I am 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant, which means I have actually been pregnant for about 10 weeks. You see, they count funny. Did you know about the counting funny? It was news to me. Basically, the very instant that you actually become pregnant you are suddenly 2 weeks pregnant. Whatever.

My official due date is July 31, but I'm not sure what my doctor was smoking when she came up with that one. My due date should be August 2, and it I were putting money on it, I would go with August 5 or so.

We found out I was pregnant the day after Thanksgiving, and I think we were able to start breathing and blinking again about a week later. You see, I wasn't supposed to get pregnant. I mean, we were trying, but we had done all the testing and I had the prescription for Clomid and I had even filled the prescription but we decided to try one more time on our own. It was going to be a good last effort, but clearly it wasn't going to happen. Except it happened. My theory is that my ovaries got carried away with the holiday spirit and forgot about their campaign of hatred and woe and accidentally dropped an egg. And now I'm pregnant, so take that, bitches.

I've felt great the entire time. Well, I'm so tired I can barely speak, but otherwise I've felt great.

Best part of being pregnant, so far: Lying in bed this morning with my husband's head on my fatter-by-the-day stomach.

Worst part of being pregnant, so far: Eight weeks of zombie-like exhaustion. I'm starting to wonder whether I should go eat some brains.

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I forgot about the weird counting -- nobody tells you that do they?! So actually, you're pregnant for longer than 9 months if i remember right. I forgot about the tiredness too (mother nature erases all the bad memories) -- but now its coming back. It's a deep, can't lift my fingers kind of exhaustion as opposed to a simple "I'm sleepy". It get's better though.

This is sooo exciting! Are you going to find out if its a boy or girl? Going to tell us?

Oh man, get ready. You are going to be receiving all sorts of unsolicited advice and hearing all sorts of stories about other people's pregnancies... people just love to share ;)

I remember the bone crushing weight of exhaustion well. You're building a little person, and your body has to work double-time. It should lift in your second trimester (and might be replaced with major energy and uberglow.)

Are you going to put a belly-watch album in the sidebar?

Hee! Here's a bit of unsolicited advice. Sleep. Whenever you can. Because in a few short months, there will be NO SLEEPING. ;)

As long as you dont miss the release of the 6th Harry Potter book on July 16th, of course!

(because really - its all about priorities - and mine are that of a nine year old)

So, when we were toasting to wine, you were really toasting to sparkling wine! Cheater!

I am SOOOO happy for you Beth!

I am SOOOO happy for you Beth!

Congratulations!! Oh, and let me just say that Buzz's birthday is July 30th and mine is August 5th, so either one of those will do nicely. Thanks for thinking of us!! :)

What's up with that weird counting? Crack smokers.

Also, eat the brains! It'll make your baby smarter, because, you know, brains!

THAT IS SO FANTASTIC!!! I'm so happy for you!

Brains? Uh. Not so much. Try something with lots of iron, like brussel sprouts. I know they may sound gross, but I started craving them so bad when I was pregnant, that I walked MILES to get them. At lunch. In downtown Dallas. BAD.

Anyway, YIPEE! And LAY DOWN AND SLEEP GIRL! You both need it!

Congratulations! The reason they say the middle three months are the time you feel the best is because your energy comes back. My kids are 6 and 4 and I still have that zombie-like fatigue.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

I mean they are the light and joy of my life and they do nothing but energize me and make me excited to greet each day. Which is true too!

Congrats again! And YAY OVARIES!!

I too remember the fatigue. Ugh. I thought pregnancy sucked all three times, for the most part, but the first few days and weeks with your newborn?

Oh my god, there's just nothing like it.

a coworker was close to trying fertility drugs when she and her hubby went on vacation, got drunk and guess what? she got pregnant. it was like as soon as she relaxed it happened. the mind and body are funny like that i guess.

Ah, yes... drunk on turkey. I think thats when most ovaries give it up-- so long as you respect them in the morning.

Enjoy the brains! Er... sleep.

No Clomid!!! Yaaaay :) Double congratulations! Was this the best b'day gift cactus got or what?

Really happy for you :)

Ask your doctor about the tiredness. They may tell you to take some iron pills.

Yeah, the exhaustion sucks. Some cocaine maybe? That'll snap you back to life in no time!

I'm so happy for you--that's incredible. You know your baby is meant to be when it's a surprise against reason. Please, tell us all about being pregnant. I would ask my mom, but it would freak her out (she'd think I was preganant, or even just figure out that I am having sex...eek).

Congrats! :)
Oh, you will be getting LOTS Of adavice and "when i was pregnant.." stories. Just wait! ;)

Hurrah! Congrats on tricking Mother Nature and your ovaries and your doctor! I am thrilled for you and Chris. Enjoy the ride, and go put your feet up and have some junk food -- why not start early?

Man, I can't wait for your tricked-out posts in a few months where you hate everything, including the air you breathe. Even if you don't feel that way, lie. (grin)

sleep...sleep is good.....I'm nowhere near as tired as you are...but we have been training this week and then finishing work at 10...then I get to drive back to I feel ya on the need to sleep.....corse I don't have a Bean to look forward to....well I'm looking forward to yours!

As for the due date - my birthday is July 26, so you can aim for that. On a slightly lower list, my sons are July 30 and August 11. And my father is July 29.

Possibly you could aim for one of those dates.
Oh, and my grandfather - July 14 - a little early for you.

About tired - hey, your body is working hard creating that little life.

Congratulations!!! It couldn't have happened to two nicer people. Now I can just read your blog for ideas of what to expect when I do eventually get pregnant. I have the "Mother of All Pregnancy Books"...should I just send it to you and you can tell me all the good parts? ;)

De-lurking to say...Awww, Beth, that is such WONDERFUL news for you and Chris! Wheeee! Happy, happy! Joy, joy! And, of course, BRAAAIIINS!

Thanks for the details - I am VERY excited, still! for the both of you! And what a very big secret to keep for-EVAH. Now we can talk about it like crazy and make up for lost time. I'm already envisioning onesies with cacti.

My wedding's on July 23. That's my uncle's and great-uncle's birthday. One's close to a saint, the other is... well, he's entertaining.

I'm so glad and fuzzy and warm everytime I think about your guys doing well. You gonna auction off the Clomid? ;)

*jumps up and down* YAY!!! i'm so happy for you two!!!! :)

. . . and so begin the pregnancy posts! Hooray!!! I'm just so thrilled for you two. =D

I remember being pregnant as one of the happiest times in my life. Enjoy the time and get Mr. Fish to do all your chores from now on. ;)

I have this huge grin plastered across my face for you guys. That's definitely the highlight of my day. Congratulations a million times over!

Hey! Congratulations. Can you have your eggs call my eggs and tell them to get off their lazy asses...who cares if they are warm and comfy! LOL And btw, hold it until August 8th. I've always thought that was really the BEST birthday!

I am so happy :) Make sure you post lots-o-belly pictures, those are my favorites. I can't wait to have my own baby because... yes I want baby belly pictures of my own! :)

Sorry about the exhaustion, thats sucks.

Yes indeed they count funny. 10 "lunar" months. 40 weeks. And due dates never make sense.

I think they think we're all as regular as clockwork and all that. Riiiight.

The exhaustion part is pretty normal. I remember being just absolutely sleepy for the first 4 months. I called it Pregolepcy.

I've got 3. If you have any questions, feel free to email.

I'm "justnorthofnowhere"s next door cube neighbor and it's all *her* fault I'm here now. *grin*

again, so happy for you both.

Ya know, you give me hope.
I did the chlomid in Nov, and it didn't have any effect on me. :-( So now I'm moving to injections.

I know it WILL happen. But all in due time. Just a lot of patience.

I saw the pic Chris posted on his entry today.
You both look so cute!


The zombie-like exhaustion is a precursor to what you will experience after the bundle of joy arrives. It is wonderful, it really is!

Like I just said on Cactus... this is SO COOL and I'm so thrilled for you both. I was thinking about you guys this morning and sending good thoughts your way. :)

And I won't give you any advice. Except that my due date was August 5, and he wasn't born until August 25th. Figure that one out. Although it was cool to go to the store and they'd be all "when are you due?" and I'd be all "two weeks ago" and then they'd let me go to the front of the line. *lol*

Happy, happy thoughts to you and Chris.

It does get better.

Then it gets worse again.

Then you have the baby and everything is perfect. :)

YOu will get a burst of energy...nesting as it were...then you'll lose it again just before you give birth. I think the gods do that so we actually do the whole birthing thing, which I SO did NOT want to be there for LOL. As for the brains, don't eat em, it does no good. You officially lose your brians to hormones and just when you think you've got em realise you gave them to your kid and they WON'T give them back hee!!

Not only new clothes...but did anyone remember to tell you..also? NEW SHOES!
Ya know, if you have a thing for shoes :)

Totally and completely THRILLED beyond words for you dear!

so many congrats to you and Chris! i'm beat - other wise I'd go on and on.... I'm really really really happy for you... Will you name the baby Bob? (fitting name for both girl or boy, you know)

Well, really slap my ass and call me Shirley!

Congratulations!!! I so wish I would have been reading blogs a little more this past week!

I should have known. You blogged something that I just for God's sake cannot remember right now and then I said something about it meaning you were pregnant or some shit like that. I was right and I didn't even know it! (BTW, the reason I can't remember is because I have been pregnant 4 times. Get used to memory loss!)

Congrats again!

Was it a secret because of the uncertainty?

Wow! Just wow! I'm so happy for you. SO.

Being so new around these parts and all... well, I just wanted to say congratulations just the same. Motherhood has been the most gratifying and rewarding and wonderful experience of my life. I'm really happy for you!

Congratulations. Gee, tired for eight weeks huh? Bwah ha ha ha....
Seriously though - that's wonderful news. My baby turns seven on Saturday. And my other baby turns ten in March. And now I'm all clucky.

De-lurking to say congrats. I'm due with my 3rd on August 1st - so it will be fun to read how you are doing.

The first time is so special. And you will feel a lot less tired very soon. I'm already on the upswing, though I have my exhausted days (like yesterday.)

See? Ya scared the crap out of those ovaries. You'll probably have twins now! :)

I loved being pregnant. The tiredness goes away during the second trimester and you'll feel better and healthier than you have your whole life. Then, unfortunately, it comes back with a vengance PLUS you get uncomfortable. I still loved every minute of it.
Just one thing, if you start craving dirt, or laundry detergent (yes to eat, and don't laugh it really happens) just don't actually go eat it, k? lol

I just don't understand the counting. How can two weeks just be added like that? Oh well, I don't think I should think too much on that seeing as I'm not the one that will be carrying the baby in the future. I'll just suck at all the scientific stuff, but real good with the support.

I am SOOOO happy for you woman! Yep knew about the strange counting...I thought ALL babies came on their due date because my first was born ON his due date! *Grin* I was VERY young so was VERY nieve!

I don't know how you are working! I admire that! I was so TIRED all the time all I did was sleep, poop when I could and eat!

I had to just tell you I am SO happy for you and the Cactus! I am running out to buy supplies to make baby things! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! : )

This was a nice way to start my morning!

Oh sweetheart! Forget the bloating and love it... it is the BEST most warm and comforting feeling you will ever experience! Congrats to you doll!!! I am sooooo happy for ya'll!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter was born August 3 of last year. So, your baby could be born on her first birthday and that would be awesome.

Congratulations to you and your husband. I've been reading his blog for a very long time and I know this is wonderful news for you two.

You're in for the most amazing experience of your life.

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