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Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?

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This is so exciting. You are going to be the cutest expectant mother ever (and I ain't talking about your looks).

Just wait until you actually put it on your baby...

Do you guys want to find out the gender ahead of time?

Very cute! Carter's does rock...but have you ever been into Gymboree? It's sick, completely sick. I would have Gymboree injected directly into my veins if I could. Stay away -- it's dangerous.

And this is just the beginning.
Have fun.

i think i bought one of those big one piece thingys with a hood in the same pattern from carters. i love that store. i could spend hours in there, and a lot of money, on other people's kids.

that's cute...but wait til you see the one I bought for you!

oh no! the shopping has started already! hehe. makes me wanna go look in the baby department. i get totally sucked in. when my boyfriend's mom just had her baby last february, i was constantly buying stuff. it's a sickness, really. i can only imagine how bad i'll be when i have my own children! :) and yes, it is very adorable. ducks rock.

i love baby clothes

My son was born in the summer and it was so hot that year (and the AC sucked so badly), that he wore just a diaper all summer long. Never got to wear any of the cute baby outfits.

Super cute. Are you going to put it in your bathtub?

Awwww... yes it is.
What's MORE fun is seeing them BUST out of it! LOL

beware of the baby clothes... they make them all soooo cute!

My very favorite baby outfit for Ethan was a plain white onesie. nothing else. They made him seem so little and I could see his scrawny little arms and pudgy little thighs... you have so much to look forward to!!

Totally cute. Hurry up and put a baby in it.

Totally cute. Hurry up and put a baby in it.

So cute! Have you checked out Hanna Anderson?

are you going to find out the sex? I am so making you one of my famous baby photo albums currently owned by several major celebrities. ;) (Am serious. I gave one to my friend Carrie-Anne and now everyone wants one, is a nice side business)

Very cute.

You are SO in trouble if you're having a girl. You think THAT is cute?? You should SEE the girlie clothes and bows and shoes and hats and socks and....

So exciiiiiiting!

Thats for the baby and not you? How disappointing!

I was weak for those when anna was a baby we had quite the collection going!

looks a little small for Chris... but the design works...

Carters makes the cutest clothing... I think we had just about every duck outfit out there before our daughter was born!

All I can say is, please set up a nice P.O. Box like Dooce so that we can fully indulge in onesie shopping across the country! I am SERIOUS.

Have you a wish list for the little swimmer yet?

That is totally cute! Hopefully you'll get everything you need the first time around in gifts and won't have to buy much. I really think we need to do an online babyshower. How fun would that be??? :)

That is one adorable outfit.

Yay for ducks. A word that sounds really cute coming out of a little kid's mouth. :)

I looked through the comments first to see if I was the first one who noticed the center of this baby duck-outfit, there's an outline of the hand of the person who laid it out on the table. I think it's an awesome touch...not planned, but entirely relevant.

Congratulations. :)

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