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I just saw a woman (in my office, and therefore theoretically trying to look professional) wearing capri pants (it's 20 degrees!) high heeled black pumps, and very visible footies.

No, honey. Just no.

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Wow. Even I find that funny. Sometimes I wish I could see the future just so I could see how some people are going to look in their sixties.


Just WOW.

Can you issue her a fashion citation?

Did you tell her that Madonna called and she wants her outfit back?

that's just wrong, i saw something pretty sick on the bus ride home today too. This guy had his head practically shaved except for one RAT-TAIL in the back that stuck out of his coat collar and like trickeled down his back. it was just... narsty.

i saw a girl today wearing only a t-shirt and here in canada it's like -35!

And so why is the title of this post "fashion" again? lol

I just can't get into capri pants during winter. I see them in magazines worn with boots, of course, and they look okay but I just know I would feel like an idiot if I ever attempted it.

LOOK! It's a non-baby post. Can we get back to our regularly scheduled program? (Baby that is)

OMG! Beth, I had no idea that you worked in that office. Really? I thought the footies were really subtle. Hmph.

An example of things you need to snap a photo of. lol

Hahahahaha, you would love me!

I am wearing: a corduroy jumper over a long-sleeved shirt, bare legs, white ankle socks, and black shoes.

I am not kidding.

I just do not give a fuck this week.

Love the IDEA of footies - hey, I am all for not getting blisters, but they can't make decent ones.

Also confused by the pantyhose that have no toes. Like it's not obvious on your legs, ankles, and rest of your foot that you are, in fact wearing hose, but just not on your toes.

And who wears capri pants in January??? Even here in Texas where it was 79 degrees on Tuesday, I don't pull out the capris until late March at the earliest. I like to pretend we have seasons here.

That's just wrong. How can you not know that look doesn't work? And if you can't figure that out, doesn't walking outside into the extreme cold we've got going on clue you in that perhaps it is time for a different outfit?

Picture? No? Camera phone? NO?!!! Why not?!! Chris has one! (doesn't he?)

you my weekly fat busting meeting there is a woman in a FLIMSY summer skirt and OPEN TOE shoes.
EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I can only assume it's so she doesn't add unwanted ounces with heavier winter clothing but COME ON!!! Buy some yoga pants or something!

This is why you need a camera phone.

My vote for the photo too please!

Ewww someone get her a clue!
Hey is it ok if I were my speedos?

Welp. Since it's back in the 70's and 80's out here in Cali, we're all back in heeled sandals and capri slacks too. The footsies wrong on so many levels. lol

And I thought seeing a girl wearing leg warmers with a skirt was bad...

Please tell me she is BLIND!!!

Heh. Mandy, you'd would love my daughter. You might forgive her knowing that she's in high school? But this child is All.About.the.80's. It's the height of fashion for her to put on leg warmers and a skirt. Of course it is a short skirt. And the entire Madonna ensemble. Or better yet, flashdance look - torn sweatshirts, many layers, etc. :)

What is footie?

I once had a boss yell at me for wearing a pair of black pants and a sweater because it was `too casual'.
To give me an example of more appropriate attire he pointed to the woman whose cube was next to mine. She had on a blue polyester skirt, a puffy shirt ala Seinfeld, pantyhose three shades too orange and a pair of flats with bows on them. Bows for Christ sake!
My explanation that she might have looked `dressier' but I looked a whole lot better (and, really, what's more important?) was completely lost on him.

Exactly what type of job does she do that she thinks she looks "professional". Because, I'm sure in some "professions" that might work. I'd be sent home to change at the bank.

I agree...she should go to JAIL for that.
That's just. Wrong.

Its 6 degrees here (without the lovely wind chill factor). I just left work and 2 girls walked by me on their way to the bar wearing tank tops, mini skirts, and no nylons! They looked miserable, but you could tell they also thought they looked good!

Oh good lord...there's a woman in my office who wears those foot stocking things with slingback shoes. The same woman has her hair lightened but does absolutely nothing about the visibly dark hair on her top lip. I'm not a "judge a book by its cover" person but somehow this person disturbs me. Unsettles me. On so many levels.

Oh and another woman arrived yesterday in wedged espadrilles, a micro mini and big old eighties hair. With a big butterfly tattoed on her ankle. Which is all very well I suppose, but we are in the legal profession and courtroom attendances call for a certain amount of conservatism. Hey, on the weekend I wear my diamond in my nose and my belly jewellery - but that's fun..not work. And she's about ten years older than me.

I'm 42.


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