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People, would you please do me a favor? If you are going to send me an email and copy everyone in the world and if the email is going to say "Oh my Gawd! This is a major catastrophe! The flibjit is totally flackschmeed! And it is all your fault!," please make sure that the flibjit really is totally flackschmeed. Because you see, if I check out the flibjit and find out that it is not flackschmeed after all but is instead doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, I am going to have to reply to you and to everyone you copied on your email and gently point out that you are a total idiot. While I do, technically, enjoy doing this, I'm sure it is slightly less fun for you and could be easily avoided by your being just slightly less stupid. Thank you.

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Work troubles?

I am not sure I've ever encounted a flibjit that was totally flackshmeed, but I swear if I do, I won't send you the email cc'd to everyone I know! ;)
Kudos for even being able to investigate!
You have to admit, it is fun pointing out the stupidity of others, no matter

I don't think fibjit's even get flackshmeed! Man people should think before sending emails!!

What is this 'flibjit' and 'flackschmeed' of which you speak? I feel so out of the loop here!

You could have printed out the email and pointed out this persons mistake, and then photocopied hundreds to wallpaper your office with. THAT would make you the crazy office bitch. Replying to an email? Not so much!

Oh, I just LOVE it when people do that. Love it! :)

How does one *gently* point out that someone is an idiot?

yea!...what she said.

My old supervisor once told me that she wasn't called a bitch at least once during the day, then she wasn't doing her job right.

Please add that if one is going to blame you for something and copy everyone and their mother on the e-mail and in fact it was NOT your fault that something went awry that one should EXPECT a 'you shit for brains' e-mail back!

That happened to me today. Apparently I look like the kind of person that will take finger pointing without flinching. Wrong, so very wrong!

I got a flibjit for Christmas, but I don't know if it's flackschmeed or not. How can I tell? Do I hold it up to the light, submerse it in water, tap it with a tuning fork, rub the private part, hang it from a plumb-bob? What? And if it IS flackschmeed, do you think I'll be able to return it? Now I'm worried...

Hi there Beth! I found you via Jazzy and I'm so glad that I did. You have a wit that is stinging and a sense of humor that I can totally relate to. I'll be back. xx Jenny

Oh, I so love that. Especially if they blamed the flibjit being flackschmeed on you in that email that they copied to everyone. Its like a cyber bitch slap when you correct them.

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