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Friday Afternoon

My afternoon


Monitored an "open bridge" call set up to respond to questions for a recently-launched project in which I was slightly involved. Not a single person called in.


Conference call regarding a new and different project. No discussion about the actual project, instead we are spending an hour talking to the Marketing dingbat about how she should edit her project action register. In other words, we have no idea what the project is or whether it makes sense, but dammit the action items better be numbered correctly.


Conference call regarding yet another new and different project staring the same Marketing dingbat from the 3:00 call.


Disembowel myself with either my letter opener, the candy cane left over from Christmas or the really big lollipop I was given as a bribe. Pondering the proper implement to use will at least give me something to do on the 4:00 call.

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You poor thing!!! How about you disembowel digbat instead? You are much too valuable to do that to yourself. Have a great weekend!

Have a nice weekend!

wait-- do you work at my office?

You need a fart machine. That would liven things up.

Hey, we should exchange books!

Do you want to do titles, or should we just box up ten each and send?

Um, maybe you should look at my wish list before you answer...

email me!

The candy cane. Minty freshness adds a hint of class to every disembowelment.

It's posts like this that make me think "gee, I'm sick of these summer holidays..I just want to get straight back to the office!"

Why don't you just take out Myrtle with the letter opener? You know kinda Mafia style.

Ok I showed up too late but if I had been here I would have talked you away from the candy cane...think of the cats!

How about instead disemboweling yourself at 5:02 you go home. It's the weekend for pete's sake! lol And I like Amber's suggestion with the letter opener. That would be so hard core mafia.

Yay for weekends. Hope you have a good one!

Here's hoping your weekend starts off better than the week ended. And uh, not the candy cane.

I love conference calls. A perfect opportunity to make obscene noises. Or just steadily tap on the desk and keep answering what noise, I don't hear it?

Yikes! Well it is TGIF so I hope you NINjoyed at days end. :)

So, what the hell do you do, Beth??

This is the kind of stuff that makes me glad I don't work in an office. Ick.

So, it's safe to say that you won't be answering the phone tonight should someone call? I'm guessing you had enough of the phone for one day! Have a great weekend, babe!

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