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I lied! I totally, totally lied!

(With apologies to Dawn since this is exactly the same thing I emailed her this morning. I'm too tired to be creative.)

Things I forgot yesterday because I am pregnant and apparently therefore stupid:


My husband's Social Security Number.

How to put my car into reverse.

Which key opened my office door.

The name of the cat I have had for 18 years.

So tell me the truth. How long does this last? Does it go away once the kid graduates from college?

Update: I just realized that the title of this post makes no sense. I chose it because I thought that in my post yesterday I said I would write about something other than being pregnant today. I just checked, and I didn't say that. However, I think I just gave you an excellent illustration of the point of today's post, so at least there is a redeemable aspect to the mistake.

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it definitely doesn't stop until the kids is out of the teenage years. for then? you will know NOTHING, and ALWAYS be wrong. But sometime in the twenties you will become really interesting and smart again.

Your memory comes back as soon as you give birth. Unfortunately there are so many other things you'll need to remember, you won't notice it coming back. Congrats! Get used to it ;)

Don't worry, you'll be able to remember every. stinking. thing. your. husband. forgets. to. do.

Ask me how I know this :)

As far as I know, the dottiness stays around for a while. Make sure you post alot so that we can tease you about your addled brain!

Actually, it's a biological fact that pregnancy/motherhood reduce your brain capacity by 3 bazillion percent. Your children use it all. It somehow travels through the umbilical cord and into your baby. You will never, ever fully recover. Sorry. But the weird thing is, you'll never, ever really mind.

It goes away when....
What was your question.

No, it does not. It only gets worse the more kids you've had as well.
See, I have this theory that when pregnant, you donate your own brain cells to the formation of their little brains, therefore leaving you with less and less each time!
Eh, just look at me!

My theory is that you lose one brain cell for each cell it takes to make a little baby. Sorry. You will never see those brain cells ever again. doh!

Who were you again?

It's OK. It's still just as funny the second time.

But, you remembered you sent it to me! That's progress!

It doesn't, but atleast we have excuses now! ;)

At least you can still post interesting things...I have lost all ability to communicate. Speaking and writing are both incredibly difficult.

I think it gets even worse when you are breastfeeding (but that is NOT a reason not to breastfeed! Breastfeeding ROCKS!).

I used to say all the IQ just goes out with the breast milk.

Now, I have no excuse.

I was going to comment, but I totally forgot what this post was about.

Who's pregnant again? What?

Unfortunately it not only doesn't go away but gets worse, much much worse. With every child it increases exponentially

Ben, you crack me up! True, so true.

The fact that some of us have more than one child proves without a doubt that your memory will never be the same. I am, of course, kidding. I love both my beauties and wouldn't mind losing my mind maybe one more time down the road.

I've been told that this is a permanent condition by older friends and relatives with kids well out of college. I'm hoping that they're lying, or that there is at least a cure... If I ever find one, I will be sure to fill you in.

I found my memory returned at about 3 months... with the first. Six months with the second. And since I got pregnant with the third... gone, gone gone. #4 is 4 now and it is still gone - sort of. Too much to remember so it could be back, just overtaxed.

PS - I've always called it pregnancy amnesia. Hubby will ask about something from that time. If I have ABSOLUTELY NO recollection I always must ask, "Was I pregnant?" The answer has never been no.

Just wait until you start having the sex dreams. Oh yes, it will happen.

What was the question again?

Shit. Am I pregnant? That would explain so much...

Update: I read your last post incorrectly, but in line with your original thinking. I got it! I totally, totally got it!

It goes away when your child is about...30.

It's supposed to go away??? Still waiting!

You're not stupid, you just have placenta brain. That goes away when you give birth and you then have nursing brain because the child is sucking all your brain cells out while nursing.

Ohhhhhhh man... I wish I could give you and answer... but... from what "I've" heard, it's like that the first time.
Just wait till the 2nd one comes around! hehe

I'm just as sharp as ever. Like, buttah-knife sharp.

I got super clumsy when prego. Thank GOD we didn't have china or crystal - broke a plate or glass almost every day.

My kids still affect my memory. It's gone, depleted, missing in action - just not here ;)

After my 3rd and last child I needed to get glasses. I joked with the Doctor that it was my son's fault and he said 'don't laugh it's probably true' thank god I closed shop!

Let's face it - creating a new life is more important than a PIN or SS#.

The cat-I'm not certain.

Have a great day

That's weird, I don't remember losing my memory... :)

Sorry, I can't remember what the question was. *goes to reread post*

You would have been hurting at my bank the other day. They asked for the last 4 digits of my social. They asked my mom for her husband's date of birth. They asked the guy behind me to sing the first 3 stanzas of We Didn't Start the Fire.

Ok. Only one of these things isn't true.

Um...these things happen to me on a regular basis and I am not pregnant. Now I feel horrible. What can I blame it on??? LOL

Remember one thing! You are so very blessed! Thrilled for ya!

If you go by my experiences, the memory never comes back! Good luck with that!

Oh, and I'm really glad you found your bracelet!

I "remember" the brain damage that pregnancy causes. I constantly would just blank out on things. I'm usually a font of totally worthless trivial knowledge, and when I was pregnant, I couldn't remember my phone number, how old I was, where I parked the car, or what I went to the store for.

And ditto what NaturalBornBrunette said, just wait until the sex dreams start. I had the.most.enjoyable. dreams while pregnant.

Except for those weird ones where my belly has hinges so I can open it or it has a window so I can see my baby growing.

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