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I'd like to thank the Academy

Well my friends, it seems that I have been named as a finalist for a BoB Award in the Best New Blog category. Let me tell you, things have been just insane since the finalists were announced. My phone is ringing off the hook with designers begging me to wear their dress to the big, internationally televised awards ceremony. I'm holding out for the gown that will give me cleavage and cleverly disguise the size of my holiday-expanded ass. When the jewelers started calling asking if they could pretty, pretty please give me millions of dollars worth of diamonds to wear I had to disconnect the phone. Let me tell you, if I had known it was going to be such a big deal, I might have thought twice before bribing the judges to make me a finalist.

Anyway, if you would like to vote, you can vote in the Best New Blog category here or vote in all categories here. Even if you don't want to vote, please take some time to check out the sites. There are a lot of really outstanding people nominated in all categories and I am duly humbled to be in their company.

However, in the interest of fairness and full disclosure I have some confessions to make:
- I was nominated by my husband. It was nice of him and all, but basically he had to do it if he ever wanted to see me naked again.
- I did not bribe the judges. Well, not all of them.
- I'm voting for Aussie Mama.

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congrats to you beth! i can't wait to check em all out, and i will be voting for you...although i am sure that aussie mamma has a nice site...

Congrats on the nomination. When you get to the point where you have chosen your dress and your bling, please pass along the calls to me. I have no earthly idea what a nice Blog Whore should wear.

you are to fricken funny, woman! I can only envy you from afar as I asspire to some day have a Bob myself...

Good Luck!

Now Beth, I am no expert, but am sure one's not supposed to send readers away to ones competitor in BoB finals, you really are too nice a girl for this business.

Glad to hear that the holiday-expanded ass thing is widespread (ha ha, sorry) and not just a problem I'm having. Some really good bling should be able to distract.

Good luck with the contest!

Yay for you! Congratulations.

Congrats!!! You and your husband are two blogs I truly enjoy a lot :-) I hope you win!

Congratulations on the nomination, Beth!

Iam so happy you made it as a finalest

things to do:
vote for beth (check)


Congrats are deserved nonetheless! Good luck!


Congratulations, Beth! you've got my vote. :)

Oh I went and voted right away! Well, when I finally read this! : ) I LOVE YOU BETH!!!

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