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In with the new

Well, I didn't make it to midnight last night, which was not unusual for me, but it wasn't because I was passed out drunk, which was unusual.

Chris and I almost never go out on New Year's Eve because going to dinner costs a small fortune and going to parties usually involves someone puking in your vicinity and neither of those tends to be things that we enjoy. So instead, we usually stay home and make a fancy dinner and watch old movies. Last night, we made cheese fondue. It was, perhaps, not the greatest cheese fondue ever made. It may have been the best cheese soup ever made, but it was considerably too runny to properly qualify as fondue. It tasted good though, so we ate it.

The cheese soup/fondue led to a dinnertime discussion of our other fondue disasters. To be fair, I have to admit that they were my fondue disasters, not ours. For example, there was the time that I turned the gas up to high and dumped all the cheese in the pot and burned the ever-loving curds out of it. Chris had to go get more cheese and I stayed away from the stove for the next week. My favorite was when I decided to put the ceramic fondue pot right on the burner which caused it to break into a million pieces and flood the kitchen with melted cheese. That was the night we were hosting a dinner party for six. The exploding cheese led invariably to a discussion of the many stupid things I have done which have caused me to nearly or actually severely hurt myself, which flowed nicely into a discussion of the most painful things I have experienced in my life. You know, just your average friendly chit chat.

Anyway, my New Year's Resolutions are to eat more chocolate and gain weight. I just don't see the point in setting myself up for failure, so have decided to go with goals that I know I can achieve.

As a side note, I would like to point out that the internets is especially useful for guilt trips, which is how I ended up receiving the mac-daddy of all day-by-day cat calendars from my charming and handsome husband. Now I am happy and my life is nearly complete. Not fully complete, as I also did not receive large diamond stud earrings for Christmas. Oh woe is me, woe is me! How will I ever go on without large diamond stud earrings?

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Nice try.

(If this works...being that diamond stud earrings are more expensive than a cat calendar...please let me know. I will try it with my husband too.)

Happy New Year to you and Chris :-) I hope you two get everything you want this coming year!

Eat more chocolate? Sounds good to me! :)

Happy New Year, Beth.

Good to hear about the cat calendar. And I wish you a good 2005.

Your resolution sounds quite do-able.

Happy New Year... even if this was a very cheesy post!

Way to work it, Beth!

Diamond stud earrings on their way...

Hey there. I'm here bc I've followed the masses to see what the hubbub was all about. Nice job and congrats on your nom.

Those are some darn good resolutions! Happy New Year!!

For years I have told Santa all I want for Christmas is peace on earth and a really big friggin diamond.
I have gotten neither.

Happy New Year! (let me know if the diamond trick works, I'm still hoping for the diamond ring)...mmaybe I could hint at that.

My only fondue disasters involve keeping the chocolate fondue on the flame too long, and then having the chocolate congeal into a big hard black ball of gunk in the middle of the pot. That has happened several times to this slow learner.

Anyway, sounds like you had a great night. Happy new year!

Did I tell you were a pro or what?....well at guilt trips anyway...obviously not fondue

glad you had a good new year!

Happy new year Beth and I am all for setting reasonable goals too.

Congratulations on making it through the BoB awards, you are a brilliant writer and I adore your blog, so I shall be voting for you. I really do wish you the best of luck.

What a wonderful blog. Congratulations on making finalist. From what I see here it's well deserved.

We stayed in and made cheese fondue, too! It was the best New Year's I've had in years! Happy 2005 to you, Beth - I hope that your fondest wish is granted this year.

Firstly, congratulations on making finalist in the BoB awards, fine taste on the judges part!!!

Secondly, I shall now take internet guilt trip lessons from your blog in the hope of increasing gifts of jewellery and calenders.

Happy New Year! I like your resolutions - those are definitely worth keeping!

Glad Chris came through for you. My mom showed up yesterday with my annual George Boutwell calendar. I was starting to worry because I needed to get the birthdays and anniversaries transferred over and thought I might have to go by some other type of calendar.

Hi, long time reader, first time commenter :-)
WTG on finally getting the cat calendar! Now if you get the diamond earrings, you must tell all us girls how you trained Chris so well!!

Yes! I love your resolutions!
I swear I need to get a husband so that I can get great things through internet whining! :) I can't wait to see pics of the diamond stud earrings!

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