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I have an all-day meeting today, and tomorrow too for that matter. Therefore, I invite you to talk amongst yourselves. I will even give you a topic.

Topic: Gosh, that Beth is so cool and funny! We should all send her lavish gifts or possibly just large sums of money in honor of her wonderful amazingness.


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OOOoor, the topic could be: The beeoch ain't here, let's talk about her crappy wardrobe.


Or, we could talk about the fact that now we won't have any Beth emails today.

Or we could ponder: why does drinking two cups of tea make Beth sick as a dog?

She is so cool. And in the right lighting, you hardly notice that huge mole on her head. She cleverly tries to distract us from looking at it with many Coach bags.

Yes, those Coach bags! I am so jealous! Then, she's even got the bling to go along with them. That girl's got it made!
Shhh...I would never want her to know there's envy there, it'll swell her head and then she'd really have problems with that mole....

You know, I've heard her cats are pretty wonderful, too. And her husband? That girls got it all!

Is it her birthday yet? We should like hire a limo and take her out to a fancy restauran....oh, never mind.

We could just send a nice package of tea.

Well, I can't send you any money since I'm now unemployed, but how about a couple of expired dog food coupons?

We could start taking guesses on the number of times that she completely spaces out in an all day meeting. And then try to guess what she was thinking about during those spaceouts.

# of times - 36. And I think that, at least once, she thought about underwear.

Am I the only one that sent her money?

The BLING! Oh I am so jealous of the Beth Bling. I want Bling.

EVERYBODY wants the Beth Bling!

Happy meetings. I was in an all-day training session, just the trainer and me, and she thought she should leave early 'cause it's snowing a bit. I left at the same time.

Yea me.

All day meetings are cool, that means you don't have to do any actual work!

I think I'll send her a mole remover. And a no tolerance for asshats t-shirt!

all day meetings....

I remember the days of a life outside of the house....

Wait we were supposed to be discussing Beth. Oh? You guys already were? It was just me that turned the focus to myself?

Well how typical.

That Beth sure is funny and sweet and kind and beautiful too I am sure. :)

Not only that, but I hear she regularly goes for therapy with her mole so they can communicate better.
Makes her even more special.

Beth, are you fishing for compliments again, I thought it was my turn for that, as we discussed.

Just because you're doing better then me at the BoB awards........

Who is Beth?

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