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It looks like it could eat Detroit

I am two days shy of 14 weeks pregnant. I'm not showing yet, but I have put on a few pounds and every ounce I have gained has gone straight to my stomach. I can't even suck my stomach in anymore, it just doesn't happen. The side-effect is that my belly button is huge. Massive. A great, gaping hole in the middle of my belly. I noticed it for the first time yesterday morning while I was drying my hair, and my very first thought was "Hey, I could catch stuff in there. Like, peas, or something." So, if anyone is in the area tonight and wants to stop by, I'll be hosting the first ever "Throw Peas Into Beth's Belly Button" contest. There will be fabulous prizes, of course, like the left over Christmas candy from my pantry, or maybe a can of black beans.

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Uhhhh, I have to wash my hair tonight, sorry to miss this spectacular event! Happy 14 weeks :)

Sorry - we've got dinner plans.

Sounds like fun, though.

If I win, can I proceed to throw the Christmas candy and black beans at your belly button and see if it can catch those too?

I'm in!
Pass the corn nuts!

Black beans? If switch that to pinto beans, I'm SO in.

(p.s. This is what I wrote about MY belly button three days after my daughter was born...

"And my belly button! It's a HUGE crevice. I think it has a heartbeat and quite possibly a soul.")

Ew, huh?

Uh..ok...I have to be honest...that really scared me. LOL Let me know when your kitty can sleep comfortably in there! could be a smuggler... first I was scared and then my imagination ran wild! LOL

Wait until it's not a hole anymore, but sticks out like an appendage from the middle of your belly. You think I'm kidding?

I've seen 'em turn purple. Here's to hoping yours doesn't. Have fun with the bean catching.

Wow, I've heard bloggers being accused of contemplating their navels...

Your body is no longer your own. Muwahahahaha!

I'm with Lori on this one. Hopefully it won't stick out too much and show through your tops. You know how you always see pregnant women walking around with their hands wrapped around the front of your belly? It's to cover the protruding belly button. lol

You still have Christmas candy?!? That would so never happen to me: Candy? What candy? I didn't have any candy... *finishes chewing*

Could we just put some dip in it and use it for a dip bowl? I'll supply the chips!

Does that mean in a few weeks we can upgrade from peas to beans or perhaps olives?

Just wait until your belly button becomes a "hoodie." And if you're lucky, you will keep a bit of it and not grow an outie.

And congrats! I didn't really start "showing" until closer to 28 weeks.

Enjoy the gaping hole because for months you will have an outtie! Ah, and the alien takes over! Giggle Enjoy the journey and every stage you go into! And try to remember, each stage does not last forever!

When you can hold the can of beans in your belly button, you know you are headed for greatness.

Yes, but do you have the brown line thing appearing yet?

Congrats again Beth. Believe me, there is NOTHING in Detroit you want in your belly button. Maybe the mayor, Kwame, can park his new Lincoln in there...

So, work with me here...we could have a big drinking party, you could be the DD. AND!? We could do drinking games with your belly button. Like throwing things into it, and if you don't make it, you have to take a shot. It could be so much fun. So what you do you think? Eh? Eh?!! Yeah? I thought so! PARTY AT BETH'S BELLY BUTTON!!

Heh. Wait until it pops out and you can see a foot behind it.

Darn! Sorry I missed the contest. Its what I get for not reading your Blog on my days off. I could use the beans for the chilli we're planning on having while we watch the Super Bowl. It only gets better from here on out.

Oh dear me yes. I remember it well (this realization of the great gaping hole, that is)...

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