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Lost and Found

To the nice people at Ned Devine's who found the bracelet my parents gave me for my 30th birthday and decided to just hold onto it in case someone came back for it: Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how unbelievably thrilled I was to find my bracelet, which I thought was surely gone forever. You made a hysterical, stressed out, freezing cold, nearly crying pregnant lady who was close to passing out from trying not to inhale the smoke in the bar very, very happy.

To the man at Ned Devine's who noticed my bracelet sitting on the table and then noticed me coming through the room frantically searching the floor and put two and two together and took me to the people who had my bracelet: Thank you for noticing me, thank you for helping me. It's just too bad you had to ruin such a nice gesture by being an unmitigated dick.

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OK - that story just didn't seem finished. What did said dick do?

Ooo! Definitely more to THIS story! Glad you got your bracelet back, all the same.

Yeah - I'm with HG - this doesn't sound complete. What happened?

Oh - and glad you got your bracelet back!

I am glad you found your bracelet! I have had that happen and it was gone forever.

But we need details!!! What did the dick do?

So very glad you found the bracelet, and yes please tell us all about the dick.

What makes an unmitigated dick an unmitigated dick? I'm very curious.

Glad you found the bracelet. Sounds very similar to when I lost my retainer. Except that I was 15 and it was at a pizza buffet and definitely NOT a bar.

Once when I was very young, I took a cab home from work. I had my wallet with my entire cashed paycheck in my hand.

As I was watching the cab drive away, I realized that my wallet was in the backseat.

Somehow, the person who came into the cab after me was honest enough to hand it over to the cabbie. Somehow, the cabbie was honest enough to turn it in to his supervisor. And somehow when I called, the supervisor was honest enough to give it back to me. WITH ALL THE MONEY INSIDE.

It's enough to renew your faith in humanity!

I'm glad you got your wallet back, and I love your blog! So funny :)

Oh yeah. There is WAY more to this story. Spill please.

Excellent that you got your bracelet back but we need to hear more about the unmitigated dick.

wait a minute
I go away for a week and you GET PREGNANT!

HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need chocolate?

Come on -- spill the beans on the dick thing -- even I'm interested....

One more for the dick...

Oh wow - did he hit on you? Or ask for a reward? Or just make you look frantically for an extra minute just to laugh at you before he told you about the other people?

Just curious.

Unmitigated dicks are everywhere. It's the mitigated dicks you have to watch out for.

Spill. Everyone seems to be terribly curious about the dick. You'd think it was a convent in here or something.

*giggle* dicks just bring out the curious! You have to splain! So glad you have your special bracelet though!

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