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Please don't tell my mother I used the word ain't in my last post. I think I might still get grounded for that.

On the subject, the biggest trouble I ever got in with my mother was when she told me not to say ain't because it wasn't a real word and I brought her the dictionary. Anybody else ever get grounded for being a smartass?

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I ain't saying.

I did the same. But my Mother must not have been as tough. I ain't never got grounded for it.

Nope. Your mother never grounded me for anything. :)

I ain't gonna tell my Mom that! :)

I was grounded all of the time for everything. I'm so not bitter. heh.

wow and I thought that only happened to me.

Never grounded. Just got my mouth washed out with soap...a few times.

I made my mom cry once by being a smartass. I think I'd rather take the grounding.

--thanks for letting me relive the misery.

You are lucky you have a choice. My mom brings up my blog entries in random conversation.

I wonder how many people have 2 blogs - the one mom can see, and the real one...

I never got grounded for being a smartass, but I did get kicked out of class. A rather stupid teacher asked me if I thought I could teach the class better.

Oh yeah! When I was younger I had an older boy calling the house. Said boy was not a good influence at all, so my mom changed our phone number and refused to give it to me. I guess she never thought about the fact that there might one day be an emergency where I'd need my own number, duh. So anyways, a friend told me about 311 (you can call from your phone and it will give you the number) so I called it and got our number. I then proceeded to tell my mother that I knew our new number. When she didn't believe me I shouted it out. I was grounded for a month. A month! Atleast I could call home in an emergency.

is it just me, or does southern chaos' mom scare you?

Now is the perfect opportunity to sing you 'The Ain't Song' which I learned in kindergarten and remember oh so perfectly!

Don't say ain't or your mama will faint
Daddy will fall in a bucket of paint
Brother will die, sister will cry
Cat and dog will call the FBI so
don't! say! ain't!

I think this song really made an impression on my innocent psyche!

Nope. My mom never grounded me. She just chased me with a butcher knife once, and a huge wooden fork, and she used to not talk to me for months on end (longest one was 6 months). But at least I ain't never been grounded.

no, actually the opposite. whenever i was a smartass she told me to go play in the street. i think she admired my elan.

I was never grounded for being a smartass but once when I out-smartassed my mom she wept and said "my work here is done".

= )

I not only got GROUNDED for being a smartass, I once got backhanded for it. And then I told my mom I was going to turn her into Child Services. I was A. Brat.

Your secret's safe with me. =D

Good grounding story. I used to get grounded for purposefully touching my dinner plate with my fingers. My Dad used to sit beside me (when I was a kid, not like, last year or anything) and snap me on the fingers when I mis-used my utencils. Strange how important table manners seemed to be to them.

Happy Tuesday!

lol - I'm glad someone else did that besides me!

ok..I was grounded All. THe. Time.
But the biggest trouble I got into was one time while talking on the phone to my bestest friend ever and in the back ground my mother would not stop without thinking I turned around and said "would you shut the fuck up!"
and then immediatley "Cyndi I have to go, my mother is going to kill me. I don't think I can go out tonight."
years later she would find a HUGE bottle of liquor in my bedroom and ground me for a month.

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