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Random Fact of the day

The paper towels stocked at my office are called Quilted Sunrise. I just thought you all needed to know that.

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And the toilet paper is what? Pampered Moon?


Quilted Sunrise sounds to me like we should all be in BED under our DOWN comforters snuggling up to our loves.

What a fancy name for something designed to mop up spills.

Like Quilted Northern, but cheaper. SIgh. I hate cheap versions.

Quilted SUNRISE??? WHat nerdy little ad exec thought THAT was a good name? Like, you're only supposed to use them in the early morning?

Thanks for sharing ;-) That's awesome.

On a side note, I'm a finalist for a BoB award AND it's my birthday!
Will you go vote for me today as my birthday present?? :)
Make sure to cast your vote for Barefoot Principessa!

I know it's shameless to beg, but hey -- that's the whole point of the category I'm up for!
Fabulous!! Thank you!!

I never much cared for "quilted" anything, except actual quilts. Quilted Northern toilet paper for instance. Sure it's nice on the tush. But what do you get, like 3 wipes out a whole roll? Geesh.

And I am a better person for knowing that hehehe!

. . . and now I'm complete! =P

Maybe that should be your new yoga mat

LOL! Roger that.

Is that some sort of Amish paper towel or something?
Either way, thanks for sharing!

oh and the yoga mat comment. Heh, that's funny.

What an, um.. appropriate name for paper towels.....

I think companies have officially run out of names and are now just sticking random cozy feel good words together.

Quilted Sunrise??? Heck now you've done it... [well you probably have..I have too probably] but I must find out what my work place uses!

Jackal goes off screaming, ' I want QUILTED SUNRISE!'

Oh silly me I'm a jackal... leaves will do sigh

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