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Something I've Never Done Before

So, I was thinking of a title, and came up with that one, which gave me an idea for something to write about. As ya may have guessed, I've never blogged or guest blogged or done anything remotely related to said blogging. So to keep things simple I will tell you a story...which has nothing to do with Doritos.
My friend Bren and I were in another friend's basement, and we were bored. He and I are kinda brotherly/sisterly pain in the asses to one another and we commenced having a pillow fight. Some of the pillows were rather heavy, and I (by accident, I swear!) managed to hit him in a rather inopportune area. He sucked in breath something fierce before I figured out what had happened, and he was sitting on the couch with the pillow over his lap looking afraid, while I was giggling uncontrollably on the other end of the couch. So, of course, at this point, the aforementioned friend to whom the basement belongs rejoins us, and I'm giggling and saying "I did something I've never done before!" and Bren's protecting himself and looking shocked. She jumped to a whole 'nother conclusion.