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Thanks to everyone who picked up my slack today and blogged for me. I promise to try to do all my own blogging tomorrow. I may even tell you the story about how my day was really bad because somebody's lunch leaked all over my lunch in the fridge and I had to throw away my three hershey's kisses, but they my day was really good because I got the absolute best possible parking space at the gym. But only if you are very good.

Anyway, since you were so nice as to do something for me, I wanted to do something for you.
Jon in Michigan asked for a picture of me looking really pissed off. I am sure hundreds such pictures exist, but I can't seem to find one at the moment. I decided that the next best thing would be a picture of me looking really stupid, so here you go...

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what are you doing to Sponge Bob????

eh. whatever it is, i'm sure he enjoyed it.

This is you pissed off? Somehow I thought you'd look a little more ferocious.

awww, ain't that special. :)~~~

You know, I would say that's a picture of you looking really brave cause I know I'm not brave enough to have a picture taken of me giving Sponge Bob Square Pants a BJ.

Sorry. That's so off color. I feel like crap. I just ran over a cat. :(

i won't ask and you can plead the fifth. wait...i lied. WHAT are you DOING in that pic?!

by the way...your hair is still perfect and your sweater super cute. to look truly stupid, you must be wearing polka dots and stripes. at the same time. yes.

It tooks like a party favor you're blowing there-- not that Sponge Bob isn't enormously well-endowed.

Hee...funny picture. Bummed that I missed guest posting...grrr...maybe next time.

Yeah, Baby!


/Austin Powers voice

My husband wants you.

Now that is one lucky sponge! I'll be your cactus is a tad jealous over this....
Personally, I think the sponge would be easier to perform with...the whole prickly thing, you know.

Never know, Jade. Maybe she likes the prickly thing....

Man, you've blown the Squarepants clear off SpongeBob. Dirty.

Love the pic!!

I got the best spot at the gym yesterday too! Funny how happy it will make you. Must be something in the air...

Does Chris know about you and SpongeBob???? :)

don't love that picture don't you.....well I love it just makes me want to go "aaaaawwwwwww....look at my cute friend"...and then I would pinch you cheeks if I was there..hehe

right click
save as wallpaper...


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