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The little things

A couple of weekends ago I wasn't feeling very well and my charming, lovely, ice-scraping husband (who also has a really nice butt) went to the grocery store for me. I asked him to buy yogurt, which he did, but he bought low fat instead of non fat. I'm eating the last of my low fat yogurt now, and I just wanted to say yuuuummmmmmm.

Also, I am not blowing Spongebob in the picture below. Well, I mean, I am blowing Spongebob, but not like that. Get out of the gutter people.

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I am trying to figure out whether you are so thin because you watch your figure scrupulously and exercise consistently, or whether that is simply how you maintain it.

Do you know?

I used to be thin, but that was because I was married to a controlling asshole who made me run an hour a day and only let me eat iceberg lettuce. By the time I left him, I was just tired of being hungry all the time.

But being thin was great.

Judging from the picture, I didn't think that 'little thing' was so little really.

Enjoy your yogurt!

Low fat is too good you know. Also, not that I am saying you were, but it would have been fine if you were getting close with Spongebob. Hell...we're not here to judge you Beth, we just listen and talk back sometimes.

I second that yum.I just ate some Yoplait key lime yogurt and had to stop myself from licking the container.

Hey no need to justify your spongebob addiction...I understand...really....


I haven't had it in years, but yogurt ice cream sure hits the spot.

LOL.. I just checked out the picture and.. well..umm...It doesn't really matter what you were doing with spongebob, as long as you both had a good time.;)

I could a gallon of low fat yogurt and not even notice. That should also be on my list of foods I cannot control myself with.

And you know that whoever took that picture was thinking about you blowing Bob, only much later when he was alone.

Makes no difference to me what you and Sponge Bob have going on on the
I have a love/hate relationship with yogurt. I love to eat it, but I hate it too because it never satiates me, and I am left with cravings for mousse or ice cream after I finish that little tub o' goodness. I just stay away from it and the Ben & Jerry's is safe....

Beth, it's okay...really. Most girls have a "wild side". It's natural. Although usually it has nothing to do with satisfying cartoon characters, but whatever.

Why do you need nonfat? You are TINY and CUTE and also, adorable. Oh, did I mention that I hate you?

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