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True Love

You can keep the flowers and extravagant gifts and jewelry (well, most of the jewelry). You can revel in your grand romantic gestures and don't worry a bit about me. My husband scraped the ice off my car this morning. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.

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That was so sweet!

I love it when they do things like that. They have no idea how romantic it is. Aren't they cute?

Y'all had ice? Sucky. We're looking at highs in the 50s today.


Great blog. Sorry that it was icy. We had sunshine for the first time in over a week. My husband just recently learned if he puts the car in the garage, it doesn't require scraping. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

I SO love it when my hubby does those things for me. Just knowing that he loves me enough to do them earns him some extra sex!

Awwww! You two are just so adorable!

That's too sweet. It's like when Andrew and I get gas at the same time, so he does the (modified) full service thing for me (pumps my gas, cleans my windows, and steals kisses at the window when walking around the car). Men. Gotta love 'em.

Awww. I usually scrape off Dereck's car, because I always leave the house first. So, that is love, too, but I'm on the giving end of it!

What a guy!

that is love. i'm very jealous.

Awwww! How sweet! You're definately one lucky girl. I have to scrape my own ice!

That is the mark of a true husband. Especially when they do it without even telling you, you just come outside and your car is all nice and ice/snow free while all the other suckers are out there scraping away... Nice.

That is the best. When we lived in Connecticut, I would go out to my car after work, after it had been snowing all day, and Jake would have sneaked over and scraped and shoveled the snow off my car. Everyone else would have to spend 15 minutes getting their cars unburied and all I had to do was hop in and drive away.

Good men, I tell ya!

Very nice. I guess that's why you let him buy 10 gazillion music CD's.

i have a remote start, so by the time i get out in the morning to go to work, it's all nice and warm and ice-free from having the heat blaring for a good 20-25 minutes :) but yes, you got yourself a good man. but i know you don't need to be told that!

What says love more than that? Mine put clothes back ON to go outside and fetch my iPod out of the car so it wouldn't freeze. Not sure if that was love for me or the iPod....


yes, that's love. i'll take a man with gestures like that over diamonds any day. but if i had my druthers, i'd take both. i mean, i'm not stupid.


first time here and i will visit again.

or..or ..when they take out the trash..and you don't even have to ask them to.....I personally get all misty eyed

You can pass all those other pressies my way!

I'm just a little jealous, as my husband was still in bed when I left for work. Although I did get a sweet and sleepy good-bye kiss.

But, yay for you! It is nice when husbands do stuff like that.

You bet - Don does that for me when that unfortunate event occurs. And I love him all the more for it. Ain't love grand?

I love when people do just nice little things for you. It's so sweet.

well, gee, mine just TOOK my car this morning. grrrrrrr

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