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Whoooo are you? I really want to know.

Holy cow, what a week. Everybody who is thrilled beyond words that it's finally Friday, raise your hands.

Ok, since this is the Internets I guess that didn't work too well, so you will just have to picture me waving my hand around above my head like a dork in third grade who has the answers to every question and really, really wants to be called on. It's hard to type while doing that, take my word for it.

Anyway, I am four days behind on email and it is making he hyperventilate a little bit and I have meetings all morning so no way to catch up. Work has been crazy this week, but crazy in a good way. As in rather than wanting to fling myself off the top of the parking garage by noon every day, I actually feel that I have been making a difference in my little corner of corporate America. It isn't making the world safe for democracy or anything, but it's better than contemplating suicide every time my phone rings.

My actual real life has been a little insane too. I was thinking last night about how I almost never talk about my actual real life on my blog. I'm not going to start, I was just thinking about it because I was wondering whether my fellow bloggers feel like their blogs are fairly accurate representations of themselves. I think mine is an accurate representation of an aspect of me, but not an accurate representation of me as a person. I think if you read my blog and then met me, I would not be quite what you were expecting.

So what do you think? If I met you after reading your blog, would I be surprised, or would your blog have given me a good idea of what to expect? Or is this too much thinking for a Friday?

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No offense, Beth, but for me - that's too much thinking for a Friday - especially THIS Friday!

I tell no lies on my blog, but I choose what parts of me and my real life that appear there. I think you would be a little surprised, yes.

I don't think I really come across entirely on my blog. Everyone twists themselves either purposefully or is venting so much, they don't come across clearly.

And yes, I'm DEFINITELY glad it's Friday!

That depends... what do you expect?

You ever hear the joke about the four blind men and the elephant?

One is convinced it's big and flat, another thinks it's strong and skinny (nose), another thinks it's strong and built like a tree trunk.

We all take away impressions, it's hard to get the 'whole picture,' especially over the internets.

That said, I really look a LOT like Brad Pitt, and not like the fat hairy guy I have pictures of on my blog (that's my cousin, the one we don't talk about)

if you were surprised by who i am, at least you would recognize the burns and bruises (lovingly self-inflicted, of course)!

happy friday.

you'd probably be surprised. i show parts of me on my blog, but i also show parts of how i'd like to be. that's the joy (?) of the internet... you can experiment with who you are and noone's the wiser. but, knowing that my family visits my blog does keep me in check a bit.

I actually think my blog is a pretty good representation of me - it's rather eclectic (I totally spelled that incorrectly, didn't I). The only part I really censor is venting about friends and family in specific terms because I would hate for them to stumble across it.

I was just thinking about this and it's freaking me out a little to read about my thoughts on your site. That said, I'd say I'm fairly true to myself on my blog. For the most part. Well, kinda. No, not at all. But really? Yes.

Yeah, I selectively show parts of me on my blog. But I do talk about my personal life a lot. No secrets, no exaggerations. Too many real life people read my site and they would probably confront me if I said that I won a million dollars or if I lived in a big house rather than my dinky apartment!

You'd get what you expect, only I'm quieter in person.

And of course I'm happy it's friday! 3 day weekend!

I don't think you'd be surprised, exactly if you met me. I think the basics are pretty clear, and unless I'm seriously deluded, I present a fairly realistic picture of who I am. At the same time, there's no way to write enough posts to cover all of the many, many facets of me. I'm very complex, you know ;)

Too much thinking for a Friday. I'm too busy waving my hands around. Whoops, watch out, I might knock you out.

Hmmm...very good question. Because I'm very shy, normally in real life I'm pretty quiet around people I don't feel totally comfortable around. Unless I've had a couple of drinks that is. Then I'm totally like how I am on my blog, but still minus all the details of the really personal stuff. Happy Friday & 3 day weekend!

I curse a lot more in real life. And I dont go by the name Zoot.

If you would meet me at work you'd be like; NO! Is that the same girl?!
When I'm among my friends you would definatly recognise me though.

Not sure if a person can make much of anything after only blogging a month, but I'd have to say no. I'm probably not what you'd expect after reading my blog. Out at the bar though? Yeah, then I'm probably the same crass, rude, shameless person.

Nope...No surprises...I am all stretching the truth...I am just as weird in real life as I am on my blog...just slightly shier.

Sign me up for the TGIF wagon.

As for the other question.... I don't lie or make up things for dramatic effect on my blog (if I did, it might be a whole lot more interesting) but I do omit quite a bit. And that is because I have family members and close friends who read it. I have to be careful. I thought about getting an anonymous blogspot location just to bitch about my family, but I can barely keep up with one blog, so adding another is not an option.

Have a good weekend!

I mainly use my blog to bitch or gloat. I'm hoping there's a little more to me than that but there may not be. ;)


Hmmm my blog "sounds" like me if that makes any sense. I'm pretty selective about what I write about though. I'd bet you know it was me if you met me. And I'm sticking my tongue out at all of you "I have a 3 day weekend" people, because *some* of us work on Monday. :-)

Interesting point about blog vs. real life. Mine is definitely about only one aspect of my life mommy role. Hmmmm I'm going to blog about this...thanks for the idea.

I might have to blog about this, too.

Hmmm... I don't know. I'd have to ask my friends. I have met two bloggers, and I was a little surprised, mostly by how they looked.

I am so surprised though by how many people say they are shy in real life-- what a great forum a blog is!

I am not shy in real life, though there are some things I won't discuss on my blog-- but I talk about my real and actual life on my blog every day. That is what my blog is.

Gawd, I'm so chatty. That is accurate both in life and on the blog.

Like yours, mine is just a corner of my world .. but no I don't think you would be surprised. A little afraid maybe, but not surprised.

what you see is what you get...the blog is a little bit censored to protect myself from the crabby in my life...but it's a pretty acurate rep of what goes on in my head...I actually talk to my friends about a lot of what I write about before I write it

I think I only reveal aspects of myself as well. I struggle with how much to include...friends, family, girlfriend, etc. I would like to share things about them all because they are important parts of my life. But that's just it...they're important parts of MY life. My friends are so funny though, and provide such great material that I'll probably end up throwing them all up on my site. Hopefully they'll understand.

First - I'm waving my hands frantically because it's Friday and I'm home.

Second, I try to always write about upbeat or semi-upbeat stuff, so I don't think any blogger really knows me - that is, except for the many bloggers who know me because we're family. Actual family.

Have a terrific weekend!

Everyone that DOES know me says that my blog is the essence of who I am. I find this disconcerting because I occasionally view my blog as a pile of crap and often consider abandoning it altogether.

I think that my blog is a very good representation of who I am...fragmented, of course. But when you think of it...I think all of us only show fragmented sides of our personality to the world in general. I'm not sure if this is the case of everyone...but I've found that as I grow older there really are very few (I'd say a handful of people, tops) that really know the innerworkings of who I am. I guess the only real people that know me are my parents, my spouse and one or two BEST friends.

I'm not trying to be secretive, and I don't purposefully hide things from people. I have good friends...even great friends...but I think we all choose friends for certain purposes to fit certain needs we all have.

I think in real life I talk much less about myself. You'd have a big advantage if you'd read my blog before meeting me. I do try to keep very private about personal details on my blog, though. There are some things that I will post about, and some that are off-limits. So yeah, I think people would be surprised to meet the real me.

By the way, I am new to your site - I got here from the BoB Awards. Since I missed Delurking Day, I will say that I think the "passing out in church" option was most embarrassing. Seems like that would have the most witnesses.

I'm as transparent on the blog as I am in real life, so in all likelihood you wouldn't be surprised.

On the other hand, you can't capture a person's entire essence in words, so you might be surprised by how stinky I am. ;D

Woo HOO FRIDAY, waving hand in air thinking PICK ME PICK ME.

No, my blog is like yours. Its an aspect of me, often different aspects depending on the day. In real life I am probably vastly more subdued or hyper than my blog, again, depending on the entry. And as obsessed with clothes, only I don't talk about it outside of my blog.

from what i've been told (and i've met quite a few different bloggers), i'm pretty much exactly like my blog. funny thing, though, that could go either way... i'm not sure if it's an insult or a compliment.

You are just going to have to MEET ME to find out. Ha.

I feel that you are over thinking for a friday, especially. Over thinking people and their blogs, overall no matter what day of the week it is.
Mine? You ask if it is a proper representation of me and my life?
Well, if you can read into the chaos, then you have a grasp of my life. Of me, not so much. As you said, it is a representation of a part of me, but not me so much. If I were to totally represent, then ya'll would be left reeling every day.
I view me as a diamond. I have so many facets that not any one person will ever see the whole of me, ever. My blog represents one facet. My life holds many more that I don't see fit to share with the blogging world. Only those closest to me know more of me. I am protective of me.
The me that the blog world sees is the strong me, the "I can take anyone or anything on" me. I like it that way.

A very small part of me is revealed on my blog, as I just started it and I'm not too sure what direction it will ultimately take. Even then, I think you would only know one aspect of me. A little hard to put all of you on a blog.

Great question. Complicated answer. I think that yes, I am exactly like my blog in person. Only catch being I am not like this with total strangers right off the bat, unless of course I have a certain comfort level. Otherwise I take the role of the quiet, observant girl. It's served me well over the years, so I guess you could say I'm a combo of both.

Great question. I will have to ask the people who know me to be sure, but I think I give a pretty decent representation of who I am. Only I swear a lot more in the real world. But I'm a lot more shy. If that makes sense. Aside from that? You get the real me.

My blog is pretty much a WYSIWYG. I think I am *exactly* the same in RL, but I'd probably bitch a bit more about my relatives, (which I try to hold back on for the same reasons everyone has mentioned before. Oh, and one or two of my friends.

I think I'm way too much of a Gemini to be completely anonymous! :-)

Ow...owie ow ow!

Too much thinking!

I'd have to say, though, that my site's a pretty fair representation of me.

People who talk to me on IM tend to think I'm really severe and intimidating. People who read my blog tend to think I'm very bubbly and ridiculous (at least, that's what I think they think). I guess I must have split personalities or something, cause I think I'm a mix of the two.

Excellent question Beth. I'm going to trackback to this and post my response on my own blog.


Hmmm... I think you do a pretty good job showing a little of your life --- just enough...

I think I'm pretty much like my blog. Of course people are complex, and no one is going get the whole picture from reading. In real life I'm probably more angsty...if that's possible.

i think it may have something to do with how long you've been blogging. i think everyone puts just pieces of themselves up, but in time those pieces could all add up to give a pretty good representation of the person.

unless you're really good at it and already know how to capture your personality on the screen. ;)

Hmmm.. lets see... I think I selectively tell what I want the world to know, I learned from my mistakes a few years ago... I put out too much personal info, but it was an even more accurate representation back then.

Anyways, a very good question - and I felt compelled to answer :)

My blog would be a starting place for conversation, but it would quickly degenerate in to a dabate on the virtues of Crystal Palce Gin vs. Skol or McCormick Gin. Then, somebody who had no clue what they were talking about would throw out dirty words like "Tanquerray," "Seagram's," etc.

Yeah, the blog is pretty much me. Only less talking on the blog. More talking in person. Probably too much talking.

I think I'm a lot like what you see on my blog. And the Girl, she's definitely as depicted. ;-)

I'm thinking you would be bored with me after reading my blog.

It took me so long to read all those comments I forgot what I was going to say. Dang!

it's me, but funnier and with proofreading.

Gawd! I hope I am not that boring! : ) As I feel my blog is.

I think you'd be surprised. I can usually string several intelligible sentences together on my blog but, in person, I sound like a dweeb when I speak. My real-life vocabulary relies heavily on the use of the word "like," as in, "She was all, like, OMIGOD!" (Eh, I grew up in California. It's hard to stamp it out.)


Me forgets to post that I don't talk like a pirate in real life.

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