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Winnie the Bib

No, I'm not going to post a picture of every single thing I get for the baby. Probably. But come on, this is frickin' adorable!

Moving on. Do you want to know the absolute best part about telling people we are pregnant? It wasn't telling our parents, although that was a lot of fun. It wasn't telling my brother or our aunts or our grandparents or any of our friends. The absolute best part about finally telling was telling our cleaning lady. Stay with me here, I can explain. We use the same cleaning lady as Chris's parents and there was every chance that she would accidentally say something to Chris's mother. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hide a pregnancy from your cleaning lady? On the days she came, I spent 20 minutes in the morning running around the house hiding things. Picture from the sonogram on the fridge? Stick it between the pages of a cookbook. Prenatal vitamins on the counter? Hide them inside my winter boots. Baby books covering the house? Put them in the tub in the bathroom in the basement, she never cleans that anyway.

She came last week, and I left everything just where it was. Turns out, the next time she went to my in-laws' she asked if they knew the news. I had been thinking that I had a very observant cleaning lady, since I didn't talk to her last week, and that she must have seen the sonogram on the fridge and put two and two together. However, I just realized that my small (so far) collection of baby clothes is currently hanging in the closet directly above the vacuum cleaner. That was probably pretty hard to miss.

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The bib is a adorable, but you are more so!

How cute!

Says me. The S.O.B.

that is so sweet...too bad in a years time it will be covered with all kinds of goopy stuff like creamed spinich and purraed squash...although I'm sure Bean will enjoy it..hehe

You mean you haven't hung the "I Having A Baby" flag in front of the house yet...cuz I assumed that's what would have givin it away...:)

Ha-- have the baby clothes been in the closet with the vacuum cleaner long?

Do my eyes deceive me? Is that bib reversible? Impressive. You can stain both sides. Double the fun.

Oh yeah, beware of the sweet potatoes. They are like Sharpies.

I guess the cleaning ladies of the world know a lot more than we give them credit for. I know ours knows every Christmas present I buy. I leave them out on a bed in the guest room.

Haha :) Very cute thingie. We call it a "slabber" or "slabbertje" :)

Oh so cute!!!

She sounds like my hairdresser, who also cuts a few friends hair, if you didn't know you will soon enough.

Cute bib! You'll need lots of Oxyclean for that.

Cleaning ladies rule. :)

So do you. More cuteness! We want it!

I'm sure Lima Bean will love the bib. I mean, it's Pooh, what's not to love. :)

I'm just going to add the requisite - "Awwwww!"

Omigosh the ears! They are the cutest thing EVAH!

Ohhhh. They didn't have such cute things when Kel was a baby. Really they didn't.

The baby clothes will be the thing that puts us in the poor house whenever we have kids. I walk through Target and pine for a little girl to dress up because there are just so many damn cute outfits!!! Not the best reason to have a baby, but a good one! LOL

I think I have the outfit that matches this. It's SO DAMN CUTE! The feet have pooh ears...seriously, so CUTE.


OK that bib is too freaking cute for words!

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