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I hope this baby appreciates the number of zits I am enduring on its behalf.

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Oh dear! Is your hair growing super fast, too?

Yeah, the glow of pregnancy is more like an oil slick on your t-zone. I don't know how you feel about this, but my dermatologist told me that I could use my differin gel throughout pregnancy if I wanted to. She did so for all 3 of her pregnancies, and her kids are fine and mensa-grade students. Now, obviously, she didn't tell her OB. Hmmph. I don't's a choice everyone must balance and weigh as they see fit!

Are getting the line down your belly yet?

I never got zits, but my entire body did take on the consistency of the Sahara desert. I have naturally dry skin to begin with and WOW did it get worse. I think everything magnifies when your pregnant. How's the cravings coming? Are you falling into bed at 9pm and sleeping like you've been up for 5 days? I used to love that part.

Ah, the horomones. Doncha love 'em? Crying during long-distance phone calling comercials yet?

Sadly, Little Lima Bean won't appreciate your sacrifices for many years to come. Welcome to parenting. ;^)

Hiya, beautiful!

You've been served, baby. Check out the link I linked to. xoxo

I hear you, those hopefully soon they will clear up for you, mine didn't last TOO long. I am finally getting the hair that is supposed to be so glorious (I'll have it for three months before it falls out, did they mention you lose hair after the baby comes??) What a blast.

Wait until your beautiful newborn is about 2 or 3 weeks old and he/she breaks out in his/her OWN zit-fest. All YOUR hormones going thru the baby's body erupt all over that gorgeous face. That sucked.

it's not appreciating it and it will never appreciate it until it goes through all this itself (assuming the little one is a girl). has your hair started curling yet?

as crazy as this sounds, i conquered (sp?) my zit problem when i was pregnant (and post) by not stressing over cleaning my face and drying out the zits but by moisturizing it with a good quality cream (bath and body works has some nice stuff). the more good moisture you put on, the less oil your face produces. crazy but true.

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I had severe heartburn when I was pregnant, not the zits. I would have preferred the zits!!!

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