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Eternal questions

Today's eternal question is:

How many toilet seat covers does any one woman need at any one time?

There's this woman I see in the restroom occasionally, and she is always stocking up on 4 or 5 toilet seat covers. I'm starting to wonder if she takes them home.

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A new example of "overprotective" perhaps.

That is a disturbing thought.

Maybe she's using them for necklaces in a Mardi Gras parade.

And if she's taking them home, shouldn't she just invest in a bottle of Pin Sol instead?

Maybe her husband has been using the dry ass distraction method and she has become concerned for his ass health; thinking either
1)he is having a reaction to the toilet cleaner and therefore needs the cover protection, or
2)she doesn't want her ass touching anything his has for fear of dry ass contamination and she needs the cover protection.
Really I just wanted to write "ass" alot. And I think I achieved that. My work here is done.

Is she taking them with her out of the bathroom? Maybe she is making masks with them back in her office. Or decorating her office with them. Check it out.

Does she ride the bus home? I bet she uses them on seats on the bus, and needs one for every transfer. I figure she must transfer at least once. So two on the way to work and two on the way home...yep, four to five seat covers. Keeping that extra just incase one gets ripped or she shares.

Maybe she really wants to be prepared in case she's caught in a rest room that doesn't supply them?

I've recently become confused by a woman in my office who washes her hands before going in the stall. After too, thank goodness. But what is the before about?

i sometimes wash my hands before going into the stall. this happens usually after lunch and i've had something greasy etc. it's just habit. i realize as i'm washing them that i'm just going to have to rewash them but the OCD tendencies must be obeyed.

Strange. Maybe she keeps them in her purse to use in other public restrooms (not all supply seat covers). And, yes, sometimes it's a good idea to wash your hands before you go into the bathroom. All the things you touch have germs, like the pen the UPS guy gives you to sign the electronic pad--think about how many people have probably clutched that pen in their grubby little hands before it got to you. Anyhow, better safe than sorry.

depending on where i am... i use 2, 3 or up to 5.

and i'm one of those people who flushes with their foot (if its not automatic) and takes a piece of paper towel first thing so that i always have something clean, dry and relatively untouched to touch things while i'm in the restroom. it took me 22 years before i'd use a public restroom... cut me some slack!

i ALWAYS use a papertowel to both turn on/off the faucet and open the door. do you know how nasty those things are??

Hey, maybe she's just a collector. I mean you act like you've never heard of that before.:)

I guess she thinks she can save lots of money if she steals them from work.

stocking in taking them with her outside of the restroom? that's odd.

And if she is taking them home, where THE HELL does this woman live??? Has she ever heard of Clorox wipes???

My grandmother-in-law (?) apparently carried toilet seat covers with her when she go "into town". We found an entire box of them in her closet as we were cleaning out her stuff after she died.

If she does take them gross is her bathroom at home??...I mean, honey, it's called comet and scrubbing bubbles....perhaps you should get her a giftcard to Walgeens along with a detailed map to that part of the store

(woo...where did all that snark come from?)

makes one wonder... then again, do we really want to know what she does with the extra ones she takes?? lol

As I read this a question forms. The only time I avail myself of the toilet seat cover is after I've entered the stall and shut the door. Is there another time to take advantage of the TSC? If not, are you counting the number of rustles you hear as she removes them, or are you peering over or under the stall to watch her take them? Inquiring minds want to know.


I think I remember reading about how you can use them to blot the oil from your face...

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