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I'm going to a baby shower next month and I just pulled the registry and now I have a very important question. Is it usual to register for breast pads? This is the second time I have seen breast pads on a registry, and to me that just seems like something you could go ahead and buy for yourself.

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agreed...but then again when a good friend of mine just recently had birth...we did a few groceries for her and I ended up purchasing breast pads and hemroid stuff....because we're just cool like that...
so I guess maybe it depends on how close the mom-to-be is to the shower invitees? Personally, anything that's related to a bodily function is way to personal for me to ask for publicly!

add it to the registry, especially if the lima bean is going to be using them. It also means you won't have to buy them yourself. If you get disposable ones you won't waste your money if they are uncomfortable and then you get to 'try before you buy'.

no. and no. i wouldn't register for breast pads. :) but, that's just me.

No, would not register for breast pads or a breast pump for that matter. I provide for my own hooters, thanks.

I think most people just put everything on the list they think they need or want. It's not out of the ordinary, I've had friends list them before. And I even bought some for my sister and my best friend.

It's absolutely tacky. Don't.

Yes, agreed. It's definitely a personal purchase. But, I've seen them and other personal items on many registries. I've never understood it. Same thing with the $3 items people throw on their lists.

I agree that it is a personal purchase, but I don't think that some view it as any different than asking for diapers.

It's not a fun purchase, good heavens! I'd be so disappointed if somebody bought be breast pads for my baby shower!

Ha, I'd register for it just to see who would buy it for me.

I.....don't think I want to know.

Okay the concensus here is no don't include breast pads on your list and breast pads weren't on my list. But I breast fed and found that the more breast pads I had on hand the better. Milk leakage is a mofo and can stain! I'd wear 4 pads on each breast just to be safe since I did have an incident where I was stuck in a late meeting and couldn't get to my breast pump at the scheduled time. And if you are going to breast feed and pump to store milk, look into the Advent breast pump. It's small and the piece that fits around your breast is so soft it won't kill you during pumping sessions, making it easier for you to keep breast feeding. Anyways, back to the question...I have to say I think it's okay to include breast pads on your registry. I know out here it's not uncommon to see a lot of comfort things for new moms being given as gifts at baby showers massage at the spa.

I wouldn't/didn't. Although you will want to get some if you're going to breastfeed. One of the joys of motherhood: leaky boobies.

I honestly wouldn't know. I've never had a baby shower (other than the kind you get when you don't put the new diaper on fast enough).

I would think it's more fun to get cute clothes and toys and such.

Why not register for them? It'll save you the money of having to purchase them to start out and I agree with Judith about "try before you buy". Hell, I bought my friend her breast pump when she had her first. I never thought I'd ever be doing that for her but she said it was the best gift because she really needed it and had got so many clothes that she couldn't use all of them. Put them on there girl!

Tell her the J&J disposables are the best. My friend had such an awful time with the washable ones. :)

Goodness. I don't know the answer to that, but now I am wondering if this is a series of things I need to be buying for my sister (breast pump, breast pads) who is also due with her own version of a legume this summer.

I wish that I would have thought to because then I would have had them when I needed them since I didn't have brains enough to buy my own. I was too worried about whether the design on the diapers looked too "boy". LOL

I suppose that it's okay to register for breastpads but in my view it's like registering for Kotex, unless the registry is for the cotton washable ones. (and those are cool by the way.)

I didn't register for them, but I got them anyway. Seems there are people out there that think you NEED to have them, and I mean now.

WOW! I never thought to register for breast pads. I suppose by the time you're registering for your baby shower you're good and pregnant and all modesty has gone out the window. I know that by week 26, I was talking to friends and family about my bowel movements or lack thereof.

I don't know why one would want to receive boob pads as a gift. I also don't know why one would want to register for nipples either, but that is what my friend registered for to go alongside the bottles. Don't they (nipples) come in different shapes? Wouldn't it be weird to register for and receive nipples?
Haven't been preggers so could be clueless...

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