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Februarium: Day 2


Februarium Day 2: What you love
This one's about your favorite things, or pick one thing and wax rhapsodic on it.

So, the best thing about Februarium is that I don't have to think of my own topics for five entire days. This is the best deal ever for someone lazy like me. Today's topic was hard for me. I knew right away what I wanted to write, but had a hard time choosing the right things to say. I could have gone on forever on this one, but you would have gotten bored and also, a lot of what I thought of is none of your business anyway. I decided to go with the abridged version, so here we go.

My Favorite Things

The way he looks from the back when he's playing his guitar - head down, legs spread, skinny butt grooving in his baggy pants. The way he puts his pick in his mouth to adjust his tune or change the cd. The way he always jumps when he realizes I'm behind him watching, but even more the times he doesn't know I'm there on the stairs listening to his song.

The way animals love him. The way the meanest, orneriest cat will walk right up and curl up in his lap for a nap. It's like they smell something on him - that he is good and kind and will scratch their ears. They way he'll sit until his legs fall asleep just so he won't disturb a sleeping animal on his lap.

The way he rubs my back as I fall asleep every night. The way he kisses my stomach and says goodnight to the baby.

The god-awful jokes he tells, and the way he finds them so funny that sometimes he can't even get them out and starts hooting in the middle, laughing at himself.

That he refuses to compromise himself just to go along with me, even when I am clearly totally right.

His perfect recall when it comes to anything about music, and frequent amnesia when it comes to anything else.

That he doesn't care that I don't share his passion, and doesn't try to force me to understand.

Lying together on the couch with ratty, stinky old blue and his hand on my head.

That he is quick to forgive.

That we are still figuring each other out after 12 years together. That we are still sometimes so very, very wrong. That there is still the potential for surprise.

Comments (20)

Thanks for letting me read about your life. You both are amazing together and it is so nice to see. Funny, cute, snarky, passionate, real. What a beautiful thing for your child to be able to live. The love his/her parents share for each other!

That was so sweet. Thanks for sharing. :o)


That was great. Are you guys really as great as you come across on your blogs? Because that's kinda gross.

*Definitely* gross.

Terribly Envious :-)

lovely :) you two are the cutest thing ever. your baby is going to be very lucky to have parents like you two!

Aww, how disgustingly adorable.

The bad joke thing - I totally feel you. Matt tells the worst jokes ever. "Well, at least I think it's funny." has become his response to my deadpan looks.

I hope we're as happy as you two so obviously are after as long.

You should print this out and make a Valentine's card!

Oh, that's so sweet. Chris, you got a good one, you know that? Now no more jokes, please. Heh.

Awwwww that is SO cute. And I'm so no going to say what "pick" means in Dutch. But it sure isn't something you can easelly put in your mouth :)) Sorry. LOL :)

Beth you suck! haha, just kidding..I thought I'd break away from all of the other "you guys are so great" emails....

But the suckier thing is that you guys ARE great! And I like reading your sites very much!
Have a good weekend
wn I LOVE Chris.

So sweet, Beth!

Very lucky couple. Hope you both continue working at it and noticing the good things for many years to come.

I think you have your valentines day card written right there. :) so great.

Gah, you guys are so damn cute. :-)

Geez, I have a list of everything I want in the guy I marry, and I think you just gave me a few more ideas.

Damn you for getting better with each post! Quite a nice husband you've got there. But even more so? Quite a nice wife he's got for loving him for not compromising himself, even when you're right. I always say I'm going to be like that, until he goes and leaves a wet towel on the bed. Grrr.

Thank you honey. I love you :-)

awww, you two make me sick.
no wait, i'm already sick.
awwwww. :)

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