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Februarium Day 3


Februarium Day 3: When you've loved
Write either a brief history of your love life, or a single story about the love of your lifetime

I'm sure the idea of writing a history of their love life would be daunting to some people, but not to me. You see, I can (am about to) tell you the story of every single man I ever dated and this will still be a fairly brief post. And by every man I ever dated, I mean every man I ever went on a single date with. This is what happens when you meet your husband at 18.

1 - My first date. I think it was the summer before my freshman year of high school, meaning I was 13. His name was Mike and he asked me to go to a movie. My mom drove me there and he came on his skateboard. We saw Colors which I thought was awful because it had naked people in it and used the f-word a lot. I was very načve at 13. After the movie, while we were waiting for my mom to pick me up, he kissed me. With tongue. It was gross. A few weeks later he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said no because I didn't want to have to kiss him again.

2 - My first boyfriend. Sophomore year I started dating Hal. I originally went out with him because he was 16 and could drive. He wrote me poems and was a sort of sloppy kisser. I got bored after about 5 months and broke up with him.

3 - The guy I picked up on the street. I was with a friend one night at the local strip mall and a guy with a guitar asked us for a ride home. We agreed, because we were young and stupid. It turned out his name was Adam and he knew my ex-boyfriend Hal. Adam asked me to a movie on night (Dances with Wolves, maybe?) and I agreed thinking nothing of it. Well, I thought nothing of it until I dropped him off at home and Adam stuck his head in my car window and kissed me. Blech.

4 - My second boyfriend. Junior year I dated Derek, a senior (score!). My stomach would growl every time we made out. I don't know that we ever went on a date, we would just see each other at school and sometimes hang out on the weekends. Derek was learning to play the guitar, and one day to be very sweet to me he played and sang one of my all-time favorite songs, "Kathy's Song" by Simon and Garfunkel. It was awful. Thinking back, that may have been the beginning of the end. When Derek went to college the next fall he asked me to come down and visit him, but it seemed like a really big hassle so I broke up with him instead.

5 - My third boyfriend. After dumping Derek, I started dating Mike. No, a different Mike. The story of me and Mike is actually a rather long one, so I'll hit the highlights. Let's see. well, long story. I was still dating Mike when we went off to college, and we kept the long distance thing going for a while.

6 - My one and only hook-up. One night, early in freshman year, I somehow ended up in bed with this guy named Brian. Brian was a good friend before and after this night, and I'd like to say we were drunk but I don't think we were. Things didn't get very far before I changed my mind, excused myself to use the bathroom and snuck out through the adjoining room. I sent my roommate down the next day to get my watch.

7 - My fourth boyfriend. Early second semester of freshman year, I started really noticing this guy. I mean really noticing. He sorta started noticing me too and we started talking. It was all very innocent since I was still dating Mike and he had a girlfriend. Then one night when a bunch of us were up entirely too late I dragged him into the bathroom and told him I thought I might be falling in love with him. Surprisingly, instead of running away from me as fast as he could he broke up with his girlfriend and I ditched Mike and the rest, as they say, is history. My fourth boyfriend is also my husband.

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aww :) hehe


why, aren't you a forward little thing?

good for you!

Thank God for bathroom confessionals.

awww :)

How cute. I'm only 19 and I think I'm dating my future husband.

I've read that story before on Chris's blog, and it was fun to see your version!

haha i hate the idea of staying with one guy for too long, im only fifteen and the guy ive been with, although i can see us getting married, it's just the fact that then i would always wonder on what other guys i missed out on meeting.
plus i have serious commitment issues :)

Ha. I love it. My own dating history reads much the same. Not a whole lot of action there--but I rather like it that way.

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