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Februarium Day 4


Februarium Day 4: Where you've loved
It's the sex entry. Bonus points if you make it funny for the rest of us.

I'm supposed to be writing about sex, but you see the thing about sex is that it leads to babies. At least it has in my case. And at the moment, my sex-induced baby is making me very tired, clumsy, brain-dead, and giving me a killer cramp near my right hip. I blame all of these ailments on sex. So I wish the rest of you all the best in your Valentine's Day-inspired sexual endeavors, but as for me I think I will take a little nap instead.

Oh right, I'm supposed to be funny. Well, here's a laugh you can have at my expense. I was very nervous about telling my parents that I was pregnant. I wasn't concerned that they wouldn't be happy; I was upset because it would prove to them once and for all that I have sex. Yup, I've been married for 5 years.

(How's that for excellent semicolon usage? I know, I know, I'm awesome.)

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Oh man. I felt the same way when I got pregnant with Ruby. AND I've been married twice and have THREE kids (including Ruby.) How stupid is that?


You had sex to get a baby??? How primitive! :D

The first thing I said after my test turned positive was, "Oh great, now my mother will know I've had sex."

You're the first person I've ever heard of who has had that same concern.

How's this for stupid?!
I got my first french (yes, tongue in mouth kiss) kiss when I was 15 years old. I threw the guy off of me, demanded he drive me home, then refused to speak to him ever again...even though he was totally a River Phoenix look-a-like...all because my mother had convinced me that if a guy sticks his tongue into your mouth you'd get pregnant.
I told my mother I was with child at the ripe ol' age of 15.

I feel it in reverse - my parents have been married for 34 years and have had children - but as far as I'm concerned they have never had sex.
No, no, no, no, no.
(covering ears, tra-la-la)

Emma and you have touched on the cornerstones of my beliefs for my grandparents. Grandma miraculously (not "immaculately", that's different) conceived with the power of prayer. And God was good and made the kids look like my Grandpa, too, because he knew what a good guy Grandpa was. Now if only their six kids would go along with it. And that the two of them would go along with the idea if I ever "miraculously" conceive...

I wasn't so worried the first time but by the fourth it got a little embarrassing. Someone at work actually said we must have a great sex life since I was pregnant all the time. Having to explain to my parents that it happened YET AGAIN was a bit awkward.

BTW, great semicolon usage!

Oh, I should mention... we found out about #4 AFTER the vasectomy.

Well... if sex leads to having babies, I sure hope last night pays off!

Hey, Happy V-day to you and Chris.

Sex leads to babies. This could be a problem. Honestly girl, I feel your pain. When I found out I was pregnant, I terrified of telling my daddy. I didn't want to think about him having sex, and I sure didn't want him to have to know I was doing it.

I want sex but no more babies!!

And you can tell your parents that you are sure that you are kinda like the virgin Mary! *nod*

Just passing through to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

HAHAH, funny, I felt the same way when we bought a house....that my parents would KNOW that I wouldn't buy a house with someone unless I was sleeping with them!

Your story made me laugh!
Hope you're having a good VD day and that the Cactus treats you extra-specially today!

Ha! I live with Mr. M, and almost didn't want to give my parents a tour of the apartment because we only had one bed in it.

Happy V Day to you and the little one - and the Cactus too, of course.

I understand, eventhough I'm not pregnant...I'm moving in with my boyfriend soon and I know what my parent's are probably thinking...ugh!

Good news, I'm blogging again. So I'm buzzing in to give you the new addresses. - is my main blog - is my creative writing blog - is my fitness blog

See you there!!!

I remember when I was newly married and my parents came to visit us in our new place and my mom came into our bathroom and she knocked my birth control on the floor and was so nonchalant as she said, "Opps! There goes your birth control!" I was mortified. It's that whole parent thing.

Sex must be on the brain...because i just posted about sex...hmmm.

A very Happy Valentines Day to you!

I actually hid behind my husband when we told my parents. I couldn't believe there was actual proof that I wasn't a virgin anymore.

when i told my mom i was pregnant she called me the next day just to make sure it wasn't a joke.

sorry the pregnant brain is getting you down, just wait til it turns into mommy brain - that's fun! =) happy V-day to you, chris and little bean.

We adopted all of ours, so as far as the parental units know, we still don't have sex.

After being married for nearly 18 years, even I'm starting to wonder if they are right...

That was seriously awesome semicolon use! I am impressed...

I loved being pregnant, a new life! How wonderful. Congratulations.

When I was about 40 years old, I had a wonderful boyfriend (Stan). We dated for two years and then decided to live together. Keep in mind, I've got two children, my own home, a business and when I told my Mother we were planning to live together she said - " I knew you were having sex"!

Well, Duh! Seems parents and children are the same the world over.

most excellent semi-colon usage. editors around the globe are proud.

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