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I am fifteen weeks pregnant today.

I have gained 7 pounds.

I don't look the least bit pregnant, but I do look rather chubby. I'm having a hard time keeping my pants up because my waist is almost exactly the size of my hips and I'm used to relying on my hips to keep my pants in place.

I bought my first pair of fat pants this weekend because I was down to two pairs of pants I could still button. Thank god for Old Navy and thank god that the size 10s were still way too large.

I need to figure out a polite way to ask my mother not to buy me any more maternity clothes. The reason for this deserves and will get its very own post.

I sleep three hours a night. On Saturday night I slept 6 hours straight and felt like I had won the $462 million dollar jackpot.

I'm a clutz. I fell down the stairs twice this weekend and also knocked the milk out of the refrigerator so it exploded all over the floor. The useless cats didn't even wake up. Hello? Milk on the floor? You are cats, right?

I am having a lot of trouble with homonyms. I type do when I mean due and wood when I mean would. Maybe I am just on a quest to use more o's.

Over the weekend, I asked Chris how he felt about asking my brother and sister-in-law to be the guardians of our child, should the need arise, and he responded by shoving both hands down the back of his boxers to scratch his ass. Chris tends to avoid discussing unpleasant details, but this is the first time he has used the dry ass distraction method.

I think we have almost decided to find out the sex of the baby. We haven't actually said that to each other yet, but we have told other people that we are probably finding out, so I guess that means we decided.

I am having an insane craving for Twinkies. If I don't get a Twinkie soon, somebody is going to get hurt.

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O's are very under-utilised in our society, so I applaud your efforts to include them more.

1. Find out the sex...You're going to be very excited when you find out..whether it's in a few weeks or in the delivery room. And in the delivery room you'll be excited no matter what. So finding out ahead of time just gives you a time to be uber excited earlier.
Whew! I'm confused now.
2. J Jill has cute "big" clothes w/drawstring waists I was able to use as cute maternity clothes for most of my you can wear them afterwards just for comfy hang-around-the house close. Check 'em out.
3. I had the same homonym problem...and it didn't go away after giving birth.

I've never had a twinkie.

It's amazing how so few pounds can change the way you look and feel. Gotta love Old Navy. I'm with Kelly on the drawstring waists. If you get nice linen ones you could probably even wear them to the office once it gets warmer.

Funny. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have gained 7 pounds. I'm back to hating you! ;)

Oh yes find out!!! I can't wait until you do! :)

My sister is pregnant with her third child and was tempted to find out the sex of the baby, but decided to wait. It will be exciting no matter when you find out. I'm gonna guess that it's a girl. I hope you share it with the rest of us once you know.

The dry ass distraction technique is popular in our house.

no, don't tell us!!!!

and if you're at work and need to hold your pants up, try binder clips. it seems to be all the rage around here. very fashinable.

and i don't think my parents figured out who would be our guardians until i was like 16, so you're way ahead of the game.

Beth, because of my neck and back, I was getting about the amount of sleep you are right now. I thought my clumsiness, problems with finding or writing the right words, and my memory lapses were from my pain. Now that I'm getting more sleep I realize that I wasn't going crazy, I was just REALLY tired. No doubt that pregnancy brings about those ailments, but I'm positive that if you get a bit more sleep, you'll feel like a lotto winner. For real. Go to an herbal natural EarthFare-ish store and see what they have to help you sleep.

Fat pants? Draw strings are a saving grace. Linen pants with a draw string. Old Navy probably has those.

I thought it was cool not knowing the sex of the baby. Everyone around us thought we were crazy. Finding out the sex does make choosing the name easier though as well as getting everything set up in the nursery. We had a girl's name choosen in moments. I was almost in labor by the time we settled on a boy's name.

You're so adorable, just the way you express yourself.

YOu are going to have the most beautiful baby...

Wait, I thought pregnancy made you tired. And yet you can't sleep? I am going to be in so much trouble when I get pregnant. I'm already a crappy sleeper.

I have to admit, when I get tired and/or stressed out, I have trouble with homonyms too. I admire your ability to put a positive spin on it :)

I hope somebody gets you a twinkie, and soon!

i'm 14 weeks...and i'm basically in the same boat. i'm alos realizing that i don't look pregnant at all...just a little on the chubby side (with massive basoomas that i have no clue what to do with...)

i'm preg with #3 - we didn't find out the sex of the first two, but are stronly considering it this time!!!

We told the ultrasound chick that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby. When we took the picture home we decided that either the kid has an extra knee, or we have a boy on the way. Sigh.

No maternity clothes? Really? I'm dying to hear this reason, because I know full well that that idea is going straight out the window at about 25 weeks. :D

Somebody give the lady a twinkie! Congrats on 15 weeks!

What's a twinkie??

Size 10 is too big ... and those are fat pants? I would cut off someone's right arm to wear a size 10 (maybe my ex-husbands?)

15 weeks ... woo hoo! Oh, and I think you should find out the sex. Because if you have a girl, are you really going to want to dress her in sex-neutral outfits?


...and so it begins.

Please, please, please do your best to rest and sleep because once you hit like 35 weeks of pregnancy, you won't sleep well again until that baby is 2 years old.

The sleep. It was the hardest part.

BUT, luckily those little babies are all worth it!! (See how I brought the happiness around at the end there?)

With me it was cantaloupe cravings. Be glad twinkines are in season.

"dry ass distraction method."

I have only one question...what does Chris say "WET ASS DISTRACTION" for? Lottery numbers?

You must try to sleep. Lack of sleep is the root of all evil. I wept near the end of my first two pregnancies because I was so tired and I knew I wouldn't sleep for real for months.

BUT! I did it 4 times so I guess it all works out. Oh, and took Tylenol PM near the end of the last two. (When the doctor finally told me it was ok.)

(you may have read my ode to Tylenol PM recently)

Find out. I never regretted it.

25 weeks here, 15 pounds up...I hate my closet, I hate it, hate it, hate it. Going to be a long next few months...enjoy the size of you now.

Also? Make Chris take the baby for shots. It will kill you.

Congrats on 15 weeks. Twinkies sound really good...hmm...

You know I love you dearly, but I'm jealous that size 10s are big on your 15 week pregnant body. Seriously, I'm glad you're doing well.

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