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The stairs in my house turn in the middle, so there are 5 or 6 steps at the bottom, 3 in the middle, and another 5 or 6 at the top. This is very convenient if you are like me and fall down a lot, because even if you do fall down the stairs you can only go 5 or 6 steps before hitting a wall or the bottom and stopping yourself. Or so I thought. You see, I am very talented. Last night I lost my balance halfway down the top section, cleverly made the turn so that I could tumble through the middle section, and then managed to brilliantly make the last turn and continue falling all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Fortunately for the Lima Bean, I was supporting most of my weight on my left forearm the entire time. So, you know, ouch and stuff. The Lima Bean, who is apparently now the size of a large sweet potato, probably thought it was a really cool ride and started jumping up and down yelling again, again! As for me, anyone who touches my left arm today gets kicked in the shins.

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LOL :)... This is hilarious. Let me tell you, from my own experience, stairs that turn in the middle are NO guarantee that if you fall down you will stop there... Anyway, it's great the Lima Bean is okay and grownin.

I meant growing.

Ouchy ... be careful, mom! Maybe you should get one of those things that take you upstairs on a chair -- I've seen commercials for them -- perfect for you!

Don't you wish you had it on video? You could run it forwards and backwards. :D

Sorry. Hope your arm feels better.

You better be careful or The Man isn't gonna let you walk up and down the stairs!

Glad you and Lima Bean are OK!

Yeah, the gracelessness that comes with pregnancy...

When my first was born, I was up at 3 nursing him and I tripped (in the dark) over a footstool. Its amazing the protective measures that take over. I fell straight to the ground while holding him and nearly killed myself while he stayed asleep and never touched the ground.

Women. We rule.

eek! I'm glad you're okay (left arm notwithstanding) and that limabean is also okay. I have a similar staircase and have often wondered if I could actually fall the entire way down.

Glad to hear you and Lima Bean are OK. However, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that had a very clumsy day yesterday. I have bruised toes on both feet from bumping into objects that have been in the same place forever.

Wow, maybe you should be adding knee and elbow pads to your registry, instead of breast pads. :) Glad to hear that you're both okay, and you my dear, have one strong mofo of a left forearm.

I SO did not read your post until I posted. Our lives overlap too much!

That is, indeed, talent. Consider me impressed.

I think you need to work on your dismount.

Glad you are okay.

Glad you're okay! And yes, you are, in fact, just as graceful as I am.

Sounds like a roller coaster ride! Maybe you should use all those pillows on your bed to pad the stairs...

Glad the Bean is okay. Let's not test that theory too much though okay.

I have a talent for falling up stairs. Of course I fall over my own two feet.

Ah, the joys of being coordination-challenged. On my wedding day, my bridesmaids each told their favorite stories about me, several of which involved me falling down stairs. You have my sympathy. Glad you and the Lima Bean are ok.

Ouch! Glad you & Lima Bean are OK :)

do i have to tell chris he must hold your hand while you go up or down any staircases with more than 2 or 3 stairs? because i will. i'll email him right now. don't make me!

but really, be careful, you! *shakes head*

Isn't it amazing how we sacrifice ourselves to save the important stuff? (The Lima Bean in this case)

I fell down a flight of steps once without spilling a drop of coffee.

Now that takes talent, I gotta say. I hope you got high scores from the judges for what sounds like an incredible dismount (although the Russian judge wouldn't score higher than a 4.2 no matter what).

I'm glad you and your little one are ok. Try not to be so talented in the future.

I vote you change Lima Bean's name as s/he gets bigger. Now it's Sweet Potato, eventually up to Honeydew and then, in the last months, you can have the Fucking Watermelon.

Oh do be careful!!! I'm glad that Lima Bean is ok, and glad that it's just your arm that got hurt.

Yikes! Be careful!

Baby's First Roller Coaster. You need a shirt that says this. Awesome.

amazingly, the little ones can handle some bumps that we dont think they can. lima bean probably wants a fast pass to go again! lol glad youre semi ok. be careful! i had a dresser fall on me when i was 8 mths pregnant! yeah, mom and i were carrying it in the house. not smart ...

ACH! Be careful! Thank goodness it's almost spring--less chance of slipping on ice.

Just wait till the baby is born! Most women I know have fallen down the stairs while holding their baby at least once. When it happened to me, I was halfway down and somehow lost my balance. I ended up skiing down the stairs on my heels. It was a bumpy ride, but I didn't drop the baby.

Yikes... just glad to hear that your both okay. Whew.

Hey, have you felt that kid kick yet?

Be more careful, woman!!

My cousin fell down the stairs TWICE IN ONE WEEKEND while she was pregnant. She laughed both times, but the rest of my family? FREAKED. OUT.

Ouch woman! I think Chris needs to carry you up and down the stairs from now on.
I'll betcha he was a little scared and stuff!
Good to know ya'll are ok and safe!

See? Shin-kicking is useful AND fun!

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