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Holy cow this is boring, but at least it's something

I am a total blog slacker. I have a series of excuses for this, but honestly, none of them are any good. You see, last week work was crazy, and then last weekend I was just too lazy so I planned to get all caught up on Monday. Then Monday turned into a day of my own personal hell. I would like to point out in my defense that I posted twice on Tuesday. On Wednesday, however, my boss came into town, forcing me to actually spend the bulk of my time at work working. Yes, it does piss me off.

Not only have I not been posting, but I have made it to approximately 4 sites in the last 2 weeks. You may all hate me now, provided that you promise to forgive me once my life goes back to normal.

Anyway, I have news! We have officially crossed the final barrier into unredeemable, unadulterated yuppiehood. We now own more cars that we have drivers. Hey, the Lima Bean is going to need wheels, right? We bought a new car last night, so now we have three. (We are going to get rid of one. Eventually.) The new car German. It has side mirror defrosters. If you want to know more, ask my husband since it's his and I barely pay enough attention to cars to remember what I drive myself.

Ok, time for the totally random question of the day. Which would you be more uncomfortable discussing with complete strangers: your sex life or your salary? Also, which would you be more uncomfortable discussing with your friends?

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Your excuse for slackitude-ness is that you're pregnant. Embrace it. :)

As for the question, I feel more comfortable discussing my sex life with complete strangers than my salary...and also more comfortable discussing my sex life with my closest friends. Being that it's practically non-existenct anyways, it's a pretty safe discussion to have. lol

I got a new blog while you were away.

I would be more uncomfortable discussing my sex life with strangers, and my salary with friends.

with strangers: i wouldn't have an issue about discussing either topic though if i have to choose, my salary.

with friends: depends on which friends we're talking about. and the discomfort isn't really with me. it's more from their end. i'm happy to talk about anything, but you have to respect people's comfort zones.

My salary with strangers--preferably range, not specifics. My sex life with close friends. Specifics. ;) ha ha

How about my salary for my sex life? LOL I don't like to discuss either one

It wouldnt bother me to talk to either about my sex life but both about salary. Well, let me clarify... It really depends on how close the friend is, but money issues are private issues for me regardless.

wait when did owning more cars than having drivers become yuppified????....when did I become a yuppy???....I have to go somewhere and cry now

I'd like to discuss both -- since both are connected ... I am, after all, a gigilo...

hmmm considering my sex life is blogged on occasion, and mostly strangers read it... and we all know most massage therapist rake in at least $60 and hour, and have to at least keep 1/2 of it...

neither is an issue really. Other people's comfort issue might be problematic though.

Salary for both. I have to put it into perspective. I wouldn't want to hear about stranger's sex lives, or friend's sex lives for that matter, so it's only fair for them not to hear about mine.

Don't feel bad about slacking. There were cars to be bought!

i wouldn't discuss either one with strangers.
course, i don't consider a blog discussion.

My salary on both counts. That's easy!

I am more comfortable talking about my sex life... with anyone. I like talking about sex, and my sex life. Frankly I hate discussing my salary with anyone, but I would pick discussing sex over a a lot of topics lol.


If that's not good enough, I'd say sex. I'd rather talk about that.

Salary. My friends would hate me if they knew how much I made. Heh. As the the slackness re blog posting, consider yourself warned!

Hmm well that would have to be my salary, it is pretty embarrasing. Come to think of it I haven't had much of a sex life either!!! GAH

No problem discussion either. That would be two more posts about "nothing". :)

I couldn't discuss either with strangers, but could discuss both with good friends.

Yea for the new Lima Bean Mobile!

I'm an open book...wanna know about my sex life? I just started back to having one after months of not being able to! LOL Wanna know about my salary. I make more than hubby and that kinda peeves him when he's worked at his company for almost 20 years and I've barely worked 2 years with my company. LOL TGIF!

I think I'd be more embarrassed to talk about salary...but hey, wait, I'm not working right now. If it was my old job, definitely salary. Now with strangers or friends I don't think it's either one. There may be some things hubby would be uncomfortable for me to discuss though. :)

I would be most uncomfortable discussing sex with strangers and salary with friends

I'll tell anyone who asks (except co-workers, of course, I think that's a no-no) how much money I make. I don't mind talking about sex either. My friends and I talk about sex all the time, although we tend to phrase it abstractly, as "things I have done sometime in my life with an unspecified person," rather than "things I am currently doing now in the present phase of my sex life with this person sitting right here," to cut down on the embarrassment factor. I don't usually discuss sex with strangers, but it might actually be easier, since who knows if you'll ever see them again?

Neither. But if I had to choose, salary. One thing I would never discuss is how much money I owe (on credit cards, etc.).

I'd have a hard time discussing sex with either group. I have a hard enough time discussing it with my husband. ;)

Hey I've been wondering where you have been! So --- side mirror defrosters? That's so wickedly unneeded but really cool.

Talking about sex with strangers would be hard for me. Salary with friends would be uncomfortable. Weird isn't it?

Glad to see you're back. I wouldn't be comfortable discussing either subject with strangers or friends. I don't share a lot of my personal life with others, except my boyfriend...he knows all!

Right now you can get away with slack!
I don't feel uncomfortable talking about anything with strangers or friends, except one thing. My failures.

welcome back.

i think i'd rather discuss my salary with strangers and my sex life with my friends...

sex life -- or lack there of -- with strangers and friends.

friends--sex life, strangers--salary. Interesting question.

my sex life with... everybody - sex life is usually far funnier and i'm always up for a laugh.

also considering i no longer have a salary due to motherhood

I rather prefer not to discuss my sex life with anyone. And I'm not anxious to talk about my salary, because people in our company just Don't, but if anyone asked, I'd tell them straight away.

I would feel more comfortable talking about sex with strangers and friends. Money talk is never good.

But I'm gonna have to see about this new car of brother also owns a german car with side mirror defrosters and I am a fan!! :)

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