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Interactive Baby

I'm far too busy to think of anything even remotely interesting to say, so I thought we'd play a game instead.

I am 16 weeks pregnant and should start feeling the Lima Bean move sometime within the next 4 weeks. So, the game is to guess the day when I will first feel the baby move! The winner will receive a mix cd custom-made by my charming and attractive husband. (I haven't told him this yet, but I just called him charming and attractive, so how can he argue?) If two people are equally close to the correct date, both will win a prize. If more than one person guesses the correct date, the first date will be the winner.

Because I am generous and kind, I will give you some tips:

- This is my first pregnancy, which means it is likely to take longer for me to feel the baby move or to realize that I am feeling the baby move.
- I am fairly thin (or was until a few weeks ago) which makes it more likely that I will feel the baby move earlier.

So that's the game! I will close comments on this entry by Thursday morning, so get your guesses in early.

(Sorry if this is duller than lint guys, I am just stupidly busy.)

UPDATE: Comments are now closed. Thanks for playing!

Comments (61)

March 24 - I'm not really sure when you're supposed to feel a baby kick - but it's my b-day, so why not?

March 7th. For absolutely no scientific reason whatsoever, just a random, shot-in-the-dark guess.

Okay, I'll go with March 4th!! (But,no matter what day you feel the baby move, you will never forget how wonderfully fantastic it made you feel!!!)

I'm going to have to go with next week. I think you are going to feel the baby kick on Thursday, February 24th.

And I'll even give you some hints. On that day, you will be feeling tickly little gas bubbles above your belly button, almost like a butterfly has landed on your belly, but when you brush your stomach, you will find only your shirt there.

That is your baby, darlin'.

I'm going for March 6th OR March Mom's and my Aunt's B-days.

It will feel like a fish hitting the side of a "take me home from the pet store" bag. It is the COOLEST feeling!!

Hmmm...I say March 10th. I think it may take a while to feel/realize what you're feeling, but you are pretty in tune to your body so maybe it won't take as long.

My grandma always described it as butterfly wings in your belly.

March 5th. Because.

March 9th is my guess!

how about march 9th? it's a wednesday...HUMP day...and that is, after all, how you got in this predicament in the first place right? hehe :)

March 3rd. Also for no good reason.

My guess is March 17th. Don't know why...just sounds like a good guess. By the way, feeling your baby move is the most awesome feeling ever! Especially as they get bigger and you can watch your belly move. So, so cool!

March 29th-that's my guess and I'm sticking to it!

FEB 23RD. I know way early, but I have a gut feeling.

I'm guessing 02/28/05...


And do not eat any spicey foods until then!

I say March 17th. Then you can celebrate feeling the baby move with a tall, frosty glass of green milk!

February 25 - I get a new laptop, you get a new squirming in your tummy. Everyone wins!

March 18th, my birthday.

I'm going to guess March 1...

Ok, wait- I change mine since I missed that someone already picked March 17. I now say March 16th- that is the day I always think St. Pat's Day is anyway! March 16th!

Feb 27th. Go lima bean!

I was going to go with March 1, but since someone already picked it, I say March 2!

I'm going to say March 11th.

Feb. 21st... Drink a HUGE glass of OJ that evening and sit quietly on the couch. You'll feel the baby for sure!

march 5th between noon and 4pm. the day because it's my bday. the time? i dunno. seemed good enough.

March 19th. And kid? There's a rattle in it for you if you comply.

I don't think anyone picked this date yet...if they did I am sorry for stealing your thunder:

March 19th

You seem pretty on the ball. I think you'll recognize moving for what it is. And plus you have a slim build. So, I'm gonna say 2/22.

Hope things slow down for you soon!

Ooh, as lame entries go, I really like this one!

March 3--I believe you will be precocious in the feeling the baby move dept. ;-)

I'm going with this weekend -- Sunday morning - around 9 -- but I probably have all the music Chris would mix -- so -- I'll just take a t-shirt that says, 'Beth and Chris had a baby, and all I got was this silly t-shirt'...

March 10th at 5 in the morning....don't ask...just a feeling...:)

I'm going with March 7th because the 3rd, 6th and 10th were already taken.

Hmmm, not so many dates left. I'll go for Feb 26th. This is like an office pool! I so love office pools.

it'll take a while. the wifey just started feeling our little lima bean (actually, it's like shrimp-sized by now). you'll feel something, but won't know what it is for a while. it'll be like gas. I'll say May 1.

Mother of Pearl! As March 17th is the a Holy Day of All That Is Good, I was going to pick it, but it seems that I'm a little late to the party on that one.

Instead? I'll take Feb 29th. Because it's kinda like the 28th and the 1st so I'll take credit for both. Also, I like to cheat.

I say March 30 -- it took me forever to feel this baby, and I think people get your expectations up for feeling it early! Even if you don't feel it until April, that's still reasonable (though not a welcome thought, I know). Orange juice or anything sweet helps make the baby move around, and for the record, to me it never felt anything like gas. The fish against the side of a bag reference above seems about right, though :)

hmmm. let me look into my glass ball. i'm guessing march 28th.

Hey - a game - I love games!

As a good a reason as any to delurk and chime in with a guess of March 12th.

I chose March 15th. You'll get a good, solid, undeniable kick on that day.


I say March 16th :-)

February 21...President's Day, because something tells me your child will be very interested in politics.

March 6th.

March 20th.


February 28th...but watch out, being a first time mom, you might think it's just gas. :)

Oh...and I predict you will feel the bean move just as you settle in for the night. Babies like to keep you awake even in utero...just to get you prepped for their first weeks at home.

I'll go with March 14th. Also, I saw Sharktale this weekend, and laughed because when ever I saw the blowfish character, I would think of you guys, because in my mind, a spiny fish is the fusion of a fish and a cactus.

Well, since everyone else is going with their birthday, I'm going with mine -- March 8th.

March 26th!!!

March 8th.

February 24th. :)

ooo... March 2nd.

MARCH 10th.

Definintely March 10th. My first son was born on that day and my second son's "due date" at his first ultrasound was predicted to be March 10th.

So, yeah, March 10th!!!

March 25th.

If Im right, ill send YOU a song about March 25th.

The person who guessed May 1 chose my birthday and since March is pretty much taken I will guess:

April 1.

But no tricking us, that would be totally unfair.

Go Lima Bean.

Feb 27th

Just so you know what to look for on the 27th ;^)...For me it felt like there was a butterfly inside my uterus. Eventually the soft little butterfly turns into an Alien.

Did someone say March 6th? I think so but I'm picking it anyway.

It is the best feeling in the world!

Thanks for letting us play along.

I'm going with March 4th!

April 3rd.
Just cause

March 2, 2005

I see a lot of people have gone for March 10, but sorry, it's my birthday, so if it turns out to be March 10, I demand my CD. Thank you, Mr. Charming and Attractive.

March 21. That's the first day of spring, isn't it? Maybe your baby can become the new Punxatawny Phil--if it moves that day, we will have six more weeks of spring!

Since you are a 1st timer and thin like I was I'll say March 28th. I thought mine was a growly stomach for weeks- then it occured to me- my stomach can't be growling *this* much!
Wait till you feel hickups- that's the best- it'll crack you up! Enjoy!

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