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Baby got a brand new blog

Every fetus needs their own blog, right? Go check out the Lima Bean at Adventures of the Cactusfish, then come back and tell me she's pretty.

Also, I am very angry at my OB again. We went in yesterday and she felt the Lima Bean move. I think it was very rude of her to feel my baby move before I feel my baby move.

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All I can say is, "Wow!" ...and "awwh," and "how cute," and "I'm so happy for you," among other adorable things. :)

oh that is too cute :)

Adorable. You two, uh three, are stinking adorable.

very cool... but ummm, who decided it would be cactus-fish... i mean, it's the fish doing all the work!

Great idea! What a baby book she'll have!

The nerve of some doctors, giving you a sign that your baby is healthy! Sheesh!

Beth, I came to tell you your baby girl is pretty, just as told to.

Thank god she looks like you ;)

Ooohh, I knew I should have snagged that domain name when I had the chance. :D

I think I just felt your baby move.

I love you guys, really I do, but I think you both have too much time on your hands!

This is going to be one seriously warped child! :-)

She is very pretty :)

This may well be a first, I can just see the trend now. "Fetus-Blogging"...

"Today mom ate something spicy. Not cool mom!"


I love the blog, and as I said to your husband, you guys crack me up...but in a good way :-)

She may have got the first feel, but you'll have months and months of it, so in the end, you win.

Pretty baby, pretty blog, beautiful Beth :)

very very cute!
That is SUCH a good angle for her!

there she goes already catering to others first and her parents second...I'd nip that one in the bud if I were you....:)

pretty just like her momma!!

Awww her first picture She's darling. If she's going to be that big a baby, can we make her a future draft pick for the high school rowing team?

I'm sure there will be times later on when you wish the lima bean wouldn't move at all with all the kicking it's going to do.

So, so pretty.

Beautiful indeed! :)

ohhhh she's a wee lovely thing!

cool site.

She's pretty!!

And so is her blog! I'm adding it to my bloglines, and I'll definitely be back.

Oh that's awesome! I mean, THE NERVE!

Seriously, that's pretty cool.

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