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Bad mother

So, how bad a mother does it make me that I am just a teensy little bit freaked out that this fetus is peeing inside me?

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And Beth? It's naked, too, honey. All the time. Even when you are at work.

I freaked on that thought too the first time around. Not to worry. :-)
I found when the baby got hiccups to be more disturbing! LOL

I've never been pregnant, but I can understand the worry associated with something peeing inside you, lol! =P

I don't think I've ever seen "Bad Mother" spelled like that. It looks so.....caucasion.

You know what? Later? They start pooping too. My youngest was born with poop hanging right out of her butt.

I so can't wait to tell her first boyfriend that. Hee!

Spare yourself and DON'T LOOK AT THE AFTERBIRTH! I implore you. I made that mistake and have lived to regret it. This is the single best piece of advice I can give anyone.

If you see what that fetus has been doing in your tummy for the past 9 months you will never be the same.

The afterbirth memory is the reason my son will be an only child.

OK, that would gross me out too. And that poop thing that Kristie said? OOOKY!

Gah! They POOP IN YOU?! Damn, the news just gets worse and worse.

Fetuses pee?

Oh, that is weeeeird.

Ultrasound Technician: His bladder is full. That means his kidneys are working. That's good.

Me: Yea!

UT: He just emptied his bladder!

Me: WTF?!

So he was emptying it and then drinking the concoction back down. Mmmmm...nasty.

Wait, soon it will be peeing on you, on the carpet etc. Trust me, my sister has two kids, you will love it!

*evil laughter echoes through the halls*

I never thought about that.... mmm.. and now that i do, it does seem a little nasty. I'll tell that to my pregnant to freak them out :)

I mean, to my pregnant friends

They drink it as well, in the later months.

Hmm, I'm wondering if you just helped me make the decision to stay child-less. Unless of course it was an incredibly cute little girl, then I might be okay with. I know, I'm biased.

not only do they pee....but they then drink the pee!!!! yikes!

Your fetus is SO GROSS!

pleasant thoughts huh, the fetus is peeing and pooping in there and then re-eating and breathing it all... mmmm, makes you happy to be on the outside!

Not even a little bit bad. It is pretty weird to think about!

LOL!!! Don't worry, it's still all sanitary!

hahahahahah - ya funny bugger.

normal normal normal!

and think towards the end they sometimes even poo in there!


I'm not sure your original post is as alarming as the comments that have followed! I'd be creeped out too. My friends tell me you poop during labor and that freaks me out, as well.

A normal one! I freaked out when I realised that the baby poops in there too...ok it's only myconium...but ewww.

When my son was born, and I saw him for the first time, all I could think was that he was made entirely of everything my wife ate for the last 9 months.

Eat right, Beth. :)

Don't worry youwill get used to disgust and degradation as a mother.

Great site and best wishes with your pregnancy, it will be the best thing ever. I've linked your site and will be back to check on your fetus and you.

Not bad at all--that grosses me out too.

Well, most babies don't poop in there. That is actually cause for concern. "Normal", yes, but not exactly healthy for the baby.

Pee is sterile.

Actually, your baby gets a lot of nutrients from the mom's fat supply stores. And when it comes to eating organic - pesticides are stored in our fat, so it matters more what you ate as a child than what you are eating now. Depressing, huh? I think of that when feeding my dds...

Beth, you need to sit back and love this pregnancy! It is a miracle - enjoy it, don't fight it. I started wearing maternity clothes full time last week. Some really float on me (usually the older stuff from previous pregnancies - styles were different!), but whatever. I bought a few Gap t-shirts and I was surprised that they aren't the tent-style. They are big enough in the belly area to accomodate my belly but still stay close to the body. And they fit well in the shoulders and chest, which a too-big style won't do - and definitely not Chris's. Plus, they are long enough to cover the belly/panel/etc. Same w/pants - they are made for what you need right now.

From what you have written, you will be one of those really *cute* pg ladies - the ones I'm totally jealous of! Let it happen - because honestly, you will look and feel a lot better if you work with it instead of fighting it.

Mmmmm - Chinese. Just popped into my head. Gotta have some for lunch. Sorry - totally random, but hey, I'm pg! :)

i really didn't need to know that.

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