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Careful, may contain Adult Content

Thanks to everyone who identified the web monitoring company who has added me to their filters. I sent them a very polite note this morning questioning how I earned a place in their "Adult Content" list and requesting that they reclassify me. I'm sure we'll get this cleared up shortly. If not, I'll move on to being really annoying and rude. It may not help, but it will make me feel better.

Just in case I am not successful in proving my point that I am a sweet and innocent young lady who would never write anything even mildly offensive, I do have a Notify list that you can join and receive an email when I update (ok, really when I update and remember to ping my notify list). If you like, enter your email address in the little box thing over on the right and then when I post you will receive an email and can spend the rest of the day gnashing your teeth and rending your garments in frustration at not being able to access my witty and ground-breaking post. But at least you would know it was there for the next time you have internet access in a less draconian environment.

Finally, I wanted to point out that I have added Ben from Hey You to the Belly Brigade section of my blogroll. Now, Ben, being male, is not technically pregnant, but he is welcoming a new little girl to his lovely family in the next few weeks and he also met my extra requirement for adding him to the list, which was sending me a belly pic. So, welcome Ben to the company of the crazy, hormonal, chubby girls, and for anyone who is interested I am happy to sell you a picture of Ben's belly for the bargain price of $1.

Oh - wait. Does offering to sell pictures of someone's naked belly qualify as Adult Content?

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Face it -- you're just a bad bad girl....

my morals have now been corrupted...wait...that happened a long time ago hehehehe!!

If you post that Silly Old Bear Belly pic, the internet might just give up on your site altogether and go into seizures.

I'm just saying...

Hey I didn't know I was part of the belly brigade. Sa'weet.

I think it's totally cool you're in the adult content group. Just think of all the people who are expecting XXX posts and then find your posts about body pillows and Sheryl Crow, etc.

Here's some advice on NotifyList. I used it for a while but got lazy at updating it. Bloglet does the same thing as NotifyList but automatically by using your feed. However, some feeds don't work in Bloglet because of date formatting. To fix that, I set up a Feedburner account, used to to convert my feed to RSS 1.0, and the send the Feedburnerified feed to Bloglet. It works great. Don't know if you'll need this, but it's here if you do.

you should write a full statement using just foul language... if they are going to ban you. go for the gusto :)

I'm confused and slightly concerned that a male made it on your belly brigade list and I, a pregnant woman, did not. But, that's probably because you're in the midst of creating a "belly and ass brigade" on which I will be featured. Yes, now I'm sure of it.

Im knocked up also, but I would kill anyone who tried to take a picture of my belly. My huge ass is a different story, but no one wants to see that.

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