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Cooking Light

Chris lost dibs on this by forgetting what we were talking about.

Him: Can I ask why your mother sends us Cooking Light?
Me: Sure.
Him: Would you have an answer for me?
Me: I would.
Him: Ok, what is it?
Me: You haven't asked yet. You only asked if you could ask.
Him: Fine. Why does your mother send us Cooking Light?
Me: I have no fucking idea.

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You have to love conversations like that.

Ummmmm! You said fucking!

cruel, cruel woman. i like that about you. :D

Hahahahaha, well, it beats Taste of Home.


How big is the lump on the back of your head now?

Um, could it be because she called you "chubby"? And you totally arent by the way...

She is aware you are SUPPOSED to get "chubby" when you are pregnant isn't she??

hee. I have a subscription to Cooking Light, but it's kinda started not being that great of a magazine. At least as far as I'm concerned. It's becoming .. I don't know. There aren't as many recipes, it seems, and the ones that ARE in there are kind of.. pretentious and snobby. At least for a girl who could live off macaroni and cheese. ;)

cooking light with cream?
that magazine?

hehe. you two are silly. but you didn't DID have an answer for him :) he should have known better, you know? lol

LOL! I couldn't think of a better answer myself.

You guys kill me.

OMG -- my Mom sends us Cooking Light also! And I'm not exactly sure why...figured she thought we should try it.

ROFL!! Oh dear God, I swear I needed to laugh out loud like that today! *snort* You guys are wicked funny! We should have dinner. -wry grin-

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