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Happy B-day to me!

Today is my one year blogiversary. Where are my presents?

What, you didn't get me presents? How rude!

Well ok, since I have been enjoying this blog thing for a year now, mostly thanks to you guys, I will give you a present instead. Now, I don't think this is such a great gift, but I have gotten a lot of requests for it so I'll go with it. I have to say though that if I get so much as one rude comment I will cry like a little girl and my whole blogiversary will be ruined and you don't want to do that to me, now do you?

Anyway, without further ado, I present The Belly Pic!


The sad part? I am sucking it in.

Comments (71)

Very cute! (and still tiny... don't worry)

So cute, and obviously well toned and way small.

Awwwwww :) I love belly pics!

Happy Blogiversary!!

How adorable!! And happy blogiversary!

She's a beauty! Really Beth... you're obviously already a smokin' hotty....all indications now point to the fact that you'll make a smokin' pregger too!


Dude, I'm not gay or nothin', but you've got a smokin' ass...

Happy Blogiversary:) Very cute belly pic.

That's big??? No way, and you're half way there. You're looking great, but what did we expect. Way to go for showin' the belly. That's a perk of being pregnant, now matter how much you eat, it's okay.

Your belly should not be allowed to look that cute at 20 weeks. So not fair! Happy Blogiversary.

Oh, you're gonna be one of *those* who fits back in her jeans the day after delivery. I'm going to have to dislike you for a short little while when that happens.

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy blogaversary!! Hi Lima Bean! *waving to belly*

Very cute belly! BTW, LOVE your kitchen cabinets!

Who are you again?

Nice tummy.... Your gift is in the mail...

Happy Blogiversary! Enjoy a nice big piece of cake for me!!

Nice belly, Beth! And don't be sucking it in. Big baby belly is BEAUTIFUL! :)

Yeah for the belly pic! You and lima bean look adorable. Happy 1 year blogiversary!

Feh. My belly is way bigger. Which would be ok if I were pregnant too.

It's your party and we get presents? I like how you think.

Also, that is the cutest little pregnant belly ever. So cute! And full of wee little cactusfish!

I can't believe you are still that tiny for being half way there! Your little tummy is so beautiful, Beth.

I hope you have a happy blogiversary, momma!

Way cuter than my belly.
And way smaller than my ass.
I'll say it again: NO FAIR!

Awww that is just adorable!! :) Your so skinny!!

And Happy Blogiversary!!

My blogiversary is in 2 days... scary!

Um. I'm going to have to agree with what Kristie said.

Hooray! You are adorable.

Happy blogiversary! If I'd known I would have brought presents and non-alcholic champagne! :-) Thanks for the adorable pic! Almost got that rawkin' ass in there too! LOL
You're so tiny I can't imagine you hardly looking prego even at 9 months! You go girl!

Thank you for showing us what a skinny minnie you are. And the baby-ness is adorable. My mom says pretty soon, old men will want to open doors for you out of respect of your motherhood. Hopefully, that hasn't gone away in the last 25 years.

it's awesome. i'm so jealous. my belly just looks like a lump of flab.

Happy Anniversary!

You look fabulous!! I love pregnant bellies!! Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary, Chubby.


aw, yay! happy blogiversary and don't suck your stomach in -- this is your one chance to let it all hang out :)

Woohoo! At one year, it is totally acceptable to eat cram handfuls of cake in your mouth, your hair and your ears. Just make sure Chris takes a photo to commemorate.
Adorable tummy!

Happy blog-a-belly-pic-ary!

oh that is just the cutest belly. I wish I'll be that skinny when I get pregnant, but I'm not even that skinny now :)

Happy blogiversary! And you look adorable!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogiversary!

Love the belly pic! Congrats on your first year of blogging - I really enjoy reading your site(s).

geee, if i thought i'd look that cute i'd get pregnant again.

happy blogaversary! blogiversary... blogimaversary... *erg*

Happy blogiversary! And you look great.

"Are you having twins?"

"You CAN'T be only 6 look like you could go any day now."

"That has got to be a 10 pounder in there!"

"Maybe you should cut back on the cream soups and chocolate milk."

If any of those would have come from my doctor...well, I may have thought about a lesser punishment than I gave to those that actually said them.

You have a beautiful tummy all full of little baby girl. That's even better than a bloganniversary, isn't it?!?

Dude, your tummy looks ROCK HARD! I wouldn't worry about getting back in shape after the delivery taking too long if I were you.

Happy blogiversary!

Happy blogiversary!

That was good, but next time show a little leg too!


Happy blogiversary

Happy blogiversary! What a way to celebrate - your tummy is too cute!

awww! i love perfect baby bellies (like yours, duh). can't wait to sport one myself someday :)

Happy Blogaversary. What a unique way to celebrate - with your baby belly sucked in.

Have a wonderful day.

yay! This is the best present you could've gotten me, I mean you, I mean us. ;-P

Seriously, cute bellay!

Happy Blogiversary - and that's a nice belly pic! Do you have the pregger momma's glow, yet?

Happy Blogaversary! And hon you are far from big! I can't wait til I can start showing like that! :)

Happy blogiversary! And gorgeous belly pic!

good lord has it already been a year???....has it only been a year???...sometimes it feels like a lifetime

Congrads on making it to a year hun!

*whistle* Caaauuuuute picture! Nice lookin belly ya got there! ;)

I don't have presents, but I do have ice cream. Ben & Jerry's. Some new marshmallow flavor called "Marsha Marsha Marshmallow!" ... if you're interested :D ehheh

it's a lovely round ornament!
happy blogiversary to you :o)

Happy blogiversary! And that picture is just too cute!

awwww!!! The belly looks cute, and don't suck it in, there's a baby in there and you should be proud!

Wow, Beanette! Push it out, push it out, WAY OUT!

Happy Blogversary! And many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Cute belly...! My goodness... amazing isn't it?

Gorgeous! And Happy Blogaversary!

happy bloggiversary! And that is a LOVELY bump!!

I cannot believe it's only your one-year blogiversary. How can that be?!


Eeee! Baby proof. Oh so beautiful. I will not cry, really I won't. Oh shit.

Happy Blogaversary! And the tummy! Too cute for words! :)

Oh don't suck it in! She'll be all uncomfortable!

Happy blogiversary!

Happy bloggiversary!!!!

Very cute belly!! :) it creepy that I really want to touch your belly?

I'm turned on by that. Some.

Aw, HI LIMA! Happy Blogiversary

What a cute belly it is!

Jeez - that looks like a before pic of my belly! Way to go Beth - you look fahbulous dahling!

i can only hope and pray and do some sorta tiny baby belly chant....that when i get prego, i will look anywhere near as good!!!

Happy blog anniversary!

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