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Hot Stuff

I am wearing my pajamas to work today. Now, ok, it is just a white tank top, but I bought it as pajamas and up until today have always worn it as pajamas, but at this point any item of clothing that still fits is fair game.

My pants are held up with safety pins. They are new and I bought them a little big so I (and the Lima Bean) could grow into them and figured I would wear a belt to keep them up in the meantime. No belt loops, therefore, safety pins.

I am wearing a brand-new baby blue sweater that I purchased specifically for it's belly-covering properties. First thing this morning, I spilled coffee all down the front.

I am so hot.

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Well, with such a rawkin' ass, I suppose nobody will ever notice the spilled coffee all down your front! ;-)
I say when you're preggo, any clothing that fits is fair game no matter what it is!

well I've always thought so

and you thought the furnace man was cleverer! I bet HE can't wear jammies to work!

I believe it it is a high art form to search for jammies that are also acceptable (even if minimally so) for public wear. Go you!

well you could be wearing footie pjs or pjs that have penguins on them. that's what mine look like.

Is it absurd that I think you sound adorable?!

Sounds like a normal pregnancy to me!

It's the awkward time. Do I just want to look chubby, or should I opt to look pregnant.

Pregnant's better.

The mental image I have right now is, well shall we say, arousing?

Oh wait, sorry that was a typo...

I meant amusing! ;-)

See? Jeff finds you hot!! ... you shouldn't feel that bad.

You're hot. In PJs or spilled coffee...

nice creative work with the safety-pins!

What? No pictures? :))

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