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This is so boring, sorry.

I finally got around to cleaning up my blogroll and have taken off some links. If you used to be there and aren't anymore, it is for one of the following reasons:
- You moved and I don't have your new site
- We've never spoken or we haven't spoken in many months
- You dumped me first and I took it personally

If you aren't in one of these categories and I have removed you it was accidental and I apologize and if you let me know I will fix it immediately.

Phase two is adding all the new links I have been too lazy to add over the last several weeks months, and because I am pregnant and therefore tired and stupid I am asking for your help. Are you a regular or even occasional commenter? Are you in my links? If not, it's an oversight, please let me know so I can add you.

Also, I wanted to get all the pregnant girls together so I don't have to search my whole list for your sites. If you belong in that group, please let me know because once again I am too tired and stupid to do it myself. Also, if you can think of a better name for that list I'm happy for recommendations.

Finally, how totally adorable is it that I found a pregnancy counter with a little pink fish? I wasn't going to have a counter because I am a snob, but when I saw that I couldn't resist.

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so wait. i can be listed even if you don't read me? cool beans. link away!*

Counters can be a mixed blessing I think. Great if you're in a good mood and the time just seems to be flying by; horrible if it's a bad day and all you want is for whatever you're waiting for to be here already damn it!

The fish is cute though.

*disclaimer: your blogroll, your choice whether to list me. but you already knew that. :D

Sounds like you're nesting. Online nesting. Heh.

I have a hard time keeping up my blogroll as well. Everything looks in order from this end. The fishy counter is so cute. Nice addition.

The pink fish is awesome, and, dude! I had no idea you were more than halfway along! Eeek.

Also, I think "Belly Brigade" is an awesome name. If you change it, I'll protest. Or something.

Yeah, I noticed the little pink fish. Very cute.

I love the Belly Brigade!! I also agree with the comment above about the day they are great and the next you hate it...time drags on and on for me, so everyday I hate it basically. Glad to be in your Belly Club :)

Nice job finding a counter with a fish on it :-) And thanks for the reminder about the belly touching thing...I always forget and end up touching various friends' preggo bellies. eeps.

You are making me wish I was pregnant again so that I can join your group (and have another little one around). Love the counter - so cute!!!

Well, I read every post and comment occasionally and link back. Just to let you know.

I love the new counter. I'm a pretty damn pathetically sporadic commentator :) I do link to you though :) Oh and we share a first name. That should count for some link-y love right? (Just kidding. Quit fussing with Blog Roll and GO GET SOME PREGNANCY CLOTHES ALREADY. :) :))

hmmm. i won't take it personally that you haven't added me....seeing that i make regular comments and i am also pregnant....


i've also resisted the counter. not sure why though. probably because i'm also a snob!

i made the cut, phew!

and i too am a counter snob. not that i have anything to count. but the fish is too perfect.

Me? I'm going to assume you just don't like me anymore. It's ok... I'm not hurt. really... not at all. *sniff*

Ok, just in case your having a bad day - you forgot me, and I'm teasing. really. I am. maybe.

Ha, I was looking at ticker tapes yesterday to record the countdown to my birthday and I saw the fishy thing and thought of you. Isn't it funny that people we don't really know pop in our heads during any given day. That's the blogging world I suppose. Happy cleaning!

link me if ya like my site, Beth, otherwise, please don't feel obligated. Personally, I only link to sites I really like and keep up with. Those things can take over your site if you're not careful! LOL

I really like the Belly Brigade! So cute... btw..was able to wake up and double check shoes this morning... thank god :)

Could you add me to your blogroll?

I like the ticker. I liked it yesterday too, even before you had a fish.

Whoops, I'm such a retard. I didn't see it the first time. Sorry.

Kat stole my line! So instead I'll call it "spring cleaning." I need to do the same. I like the fish counter, too.

Thanks for adding me! You're due three days before I am. Freaky.

tee hee...

I just love ahem *our* new counter ;) ;)

Alright, I'll play the naive guy here and ask. What, pray tell, is a pregnancy counter?

I read your page every day even if I don't comment often(I don't have friends, having been recently ripped away from my home in California to move to Pittsburgh, PA). I am preggers, but you don't have to link me if you don't wanna. I link to you whether you like it or not!

you forgot me :(

"love is a piano dropped from a four story window"

LOL - thanks for adding me to the "Belly Brigade". I loved your fish counter as soon as I saw it. And even though I have a counter, I have to agree with you that it's kind of cheesy - though it really helps me to remember what week I'm in - and boy was it ever nice to see today that I have less than 100 days to go!


*waves hand wildly in the air*

Er, no, I'm not technically pregnant, but our little girl is "due" any time now (as soon as the freakin' court gets its butt in gear). Plus I luv me some pregnant girls, they're all curvy and smell good and stuff.


I am a regular visitor and just had to stop past while at home....because my office says your sight is now "TASTELESS" I read you on Friday and when I tried to read you became so tasteless over the weekend that they blocked your site....I so rarely check my bloggers at home...I am starting to have withdrawls. Do you think they blocked you because of the pink fish counter?

I read every post, comment occasionally and I'm still not on your blogroll? How rude! ;) KIDDING!

Thanks for keeping me around. ;-)

I just cleaned up my list too, had a few dead links and new blog names ;)

Now I need to find some new blog blood, hehehe. Ya know, its not like I have any realy work to do ;)

I love the pink fishy! Perfect for you (and the CactusFish-LimaBean).

It's the sex! The sex banned you. You put up the adorable pink baby counter and then the WHOLE WORLD knew you'd had sex. Rollicking, sweaty, need to order out for Chinese afterwards to stoke up for Round 2 S-E-X!!

That, or you "unblogrolled" the wrong person. Heh.

Thanks for adding my link! I sadly can't see such things at work so didn't notice earlier. Makes me feel all warm and squishy....

i am a regular reader (some say obsessive, i call it regular..whatever), sometimes commenter who has ya on my blogroll.all the linky goodness i can get is yummy. (that sentance made no sense...oy)

I really am a regular reader and commenter, its just that this past week or two has been so hectic. But I don't think you have ever read my site have you? I'm offering up an open invitation anytime!

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