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I'm obscene!

So I am apparently being blocked by at least one of the web content monitoring services based on the "adult content" on my blog. What I'm trying to figure out is whether it is because I use four letter words occasionally, or because of the blatant full belly nudity, or possibly because I am pregnant and therefore have obviously had sex at some point in my life. Whatever it is, I can't help feeling a little proud. I've been banned!

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Wow, banned....{sigh} Someday, maybe I can be just like you. Dare to dream! We all have our quirky aspirations! :)

Can I get a bumper sticker that says, "I read banned blogs?". You should probably start selling them. And I should probably get some of the royalties!

It's either because you say Fuck a lot or because are freakishly flexible. Only a deviant would say such a thing (with such pride!). hahaha.

I am proud to be a banned blog reader. How do I get banned?

Where have you been banned? I want to see if I'm as cool as the cool kids!

Yeah, where have you been banned? How did you find out?

Banned is good. I never (or almost never) do anything to be banned. Although I was once banned because of a sequence of letters in my blog name - cASSie-b. Go figure

Whooo, Dontcha just love it?! ;)

I know I curse a ton on mine but its my only way of relieving tension without physically harming someone... yet anyway ;)

yea, i think something like that might have happened with mine too, because it used to come up on google when you'd search my name or the title, and now nothing but song lyrics will.

have i been banned?! haha

Yeah, you were blocked all of a sudden for me at work today. It annoyed me greatly. Clean it up, will ya? You've got a kid on the way!

BTW, I use the word fuck in my blog all the time too, and it hasn't blocked mine yet. Go figure.

Well, I'm not at all surprised. I mean, you once tried to steal *a* peanut for God's sake!

I can't say I'm surprised either, what with the foul language and whatnot. But seriously? I don't think it has anything to do with the freakishly flexible thing. My money's on a the chap stick in your navel thing, because you just KNOW that has something to do with a fetish.

Love the pregnancy meter! Let us know by whom you were banned!

HA! Join the club the club sister. Wait. The club I'm in is the one where we are banned for saying fuck a lot, not the one where people are banned for being freakishly flexible.

Congratulations on your banned status. You're my hero! I wanna be banned! I wanna be banned!

lol Its my office WEBSENSE that banned you... and I'm thinking its the belly pics cause our email service bounces back pics with too much flesh tones in them as porn. ANd I laugh everytime because its usually a pic of a baby that is being called porn.

oooooh so that makes you wicked! Very cool!

wow... I feel dirty just reading your blog now.

Meanwhile it took me 3 tries to spell dirty (make that 4) right.

Hmmm, maybe I shouldnt hang out here any more, wouldn't want to tarnish my sterling reputation! ;-)

Ahh, just think of the stories you can tell you child. Her mom is a real rebel. :)

When I first read the title I thought it said I'm OBESE!

And I Was think...Noooooo you're PREGNANT silly woman!

But obscene...well that's a whole other can of chickens.

lol! Could the smokin' ass be the culprit? I wonder....

My work's WEBSENSE hasn't banned you - but it has banned every site with the word blog in the URL - ie: anyone with a blogspot blog. It really sucks 'cause perusing blogs during lunch is a great way to kill an hour!

It's all that sin you were touting on my site, I had to turn you in. ;P

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