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Misconception, limping, and totally inappropriate behavior

First, let me clear up a misconception that seems to be circulating out there on the internet. We are not expecting a little girl. Yes, we are expecting a baby girl, but all indications are that she will not be little. At the ultrasound yesterday, she measured at 14.5 cm long, which is right on target, and 11 ounces, which represents quite an over-achievement to the 7 ounce average at 19 weeks. In the words of the ultrasound tech, she's a "bruiser." Anyway, looks like she is on track to be a 10 pound monster baby, just like mommy.

On another note, I had my first middle of the night screaming leg cramp last night. It was fun! Ok, actually it hurt like an everloving bitch, but it didn't last long and I went right back to sleep, so no biggie. However, it was less fun this morning to get up and find that I could barely walk due to the incredible stiffness of said traitor calf.

Finally, I went to the gym last night after work. I was in the locker room changing, as one does, and another gym patron entered the locker room to do the same thing. We'll call her Miss What-the-heck. The locker room was empty. Literally, it was me, Miss What-the-heck, and a lady drying her hair. So, in this large and entirely empty locker room, Miss What-the-heck decided that the only appropriate place for her to change was literally 2 inches behind me. Now, I know I have a smokin' ass and the general public is clamoring to catch a peek, but how about leaving a little personal space for the half-naked pregnant girl? What the heck?

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take comfort in the fact that early measurements often mean little, no pun intended. I had my ultrasound a year ago yesterday and was peeling myself off the floor when they told me my baby girl was "rather sizable" at 14oz for her gestational age. Imagine my relief when she weighed in at 6lbs, 14 oz. at birth. Close call :)

Congrats on your girl... they are a blast!

Big babies rock. I was 8.5 lbs, and my brother was 10.5. When I learned later that the "normal" newborn weight was 6-7 lbs, I was shocked.

In short, don't worry, for huge-ass babies apparently grow up to be awesome people.

Leg cramps during pregnancy can mean that you're a little short on your calcuim intake. I reccomend chocolate milkshakes from McDonalds to boost it up. Yum. (Oh, my doc reccomended that too.)

I agree...big babies are great. You don't feel they are as breakable as the tiny ones.
This is of course coming from someone who has had to 9lb + babies via c-section.

At that point you needed to ask "What's that perfume you have on?" Wink.

my great aunt was 14 pounds at birth. back in the '30's, no less. my cousin was 13 pounds twenty years ago. most of the babies in my family are above average.

I am frightened for my loins.

When you need personal space, always start talking to yourself. Pat your tummy and say, "how's mommy's little grey alien baby? do you think daddy will come visit in his great, big silver ship again?" Trust me, they'll move, quickly.

That is so cool your having a girl, baby girls are so cute. Hope she doesn't get too monsterous in there.

I'm so happy for you both! Chris's post almost made me cry (after Bean is born? You'll be doing this about child-related things lots). You two will be great parents!

And tell the locker room lady where to get off. Or just look at her funny, and move away from her.

I love little girls. I had two children and wanted a girl both times. My two boys are David and the other Michael. I love little boys too.

Crikey! That is funny! The lady in the locker room? We sent her in there for some reconnaisance work! Your ass? It is smoking! Good job, Miss What-the-heck!

Water, calcium and potassium shortages can cause the leg cramps. Drink water, milk (milkshakes, too) and eat bananas to minimize them. I only had one cramp in two pregnancies.

The only thing cuter than a baby is a chubby baby! And if you ask me, squeezing out a 10 pounder isn't really that different than squeezing out a 7 pounder. (I speak from experience) I mean have you seen where they come from? It's amazing we squeeze anything out at all!

personal space is a must. when i traveled in italy, it was awful. can't imagine being pregnant and trying to move around there!

a friend of mine just gave birth to a 10 lber. very cute and a full head of hair. :)

Unless you have a real aversion to bananas, you should start eating them frequently. They help with leg cramps. I guess it has to do with the potassium in them. (BTW, If you knew all of this already, then nevermind. :D)

Amen about calcium and potassium reducing the leg cramps. Your body is trying to tell you to have a banana yogurt smoothie.

Have fun getting that 10 pound watermelon girlie outa ya! Just kidding! It sounded funnier in my head!

YEAH! Give a preggers lady some room, will ya!

Yay!!! It's a BABY!! :)

oh i hear ya!
problem is as you get bigger so does your personal space zone.
got people touching your tummy lots yet?!
man now that's going to get up your nose!
i found growling helped ;o)

ps: one word for you on your hu-mungo-baby: caesarean

pps: if you think leg cramps are bad - wait for labour pains. one word: caesarean

ppps: as you can tell - i dont do pain... at all, just not a big believer in it :)

Congratulations about your little girl! (Of course I'd say the same thing if he were a boy, but congratulations still seems like the right thing to say). Girl clothes are so much more fun to buy, you'll see!

Congrats on the girl! Don't buy too many newborn clothes... better start with 3 months sizes. I had a friend whose first (and only) child was 10 lbs 6 oz. She had had several baby showers and never got to use a lot of the clothes because he got too big for them too fast.

She will probably be a very healthy baby!

Huh. Well, I'd rather hear the ultrasound tech say she was a bruiser than, "Oh my god, that's gotta be the biggest head I've ever seen."

Look on the bright side, Beth.


Ugghh. Leg cramps are no fun. I'll second what others have suggested above. Lima Bean is taking what she needs and sounds like she's all about some calcium and potassium, leaving you with precious little left over. Strawberry-Banana smoothies...yum! Stonybrook Farms Whole Milk Yogurt, handfull of strawberries (frozen works well), two very ripe frozen bananas, a dash of vanilla and some honey to taste. It will taste even better if you have Chris whip it up for you and serve it in a tall, frosty glass with one of those little umbrellas, a straw, and a fresh strawberry garnish would be good too.

Uh, I meant Stonyfield...doh!

ACK!! I hate when women do that at the gym. Was she the type of woman that walked around the whole locker room totally naked? Sounds like the same type of woman. As for large babies, I had two, just keep thinking epidural. You'll be just fine.

Ahhh I gave birth to a 10lb 12oz baby. You're on your way Beth :) DOn't worry - it was a breeze!

As for the gym woman, what WAS her story? How could she cramp (pardon the pun) your style like that - so rude!

Could your dates be wrong?

10 lbs?! MY GOD, did you mother give birth, uhh, naturally?

*screams in terror*

If you drink a lot of water, you won't get calf cramps. However I know you already have to pee every 3.7 minutes so you may decide the cramps aren't so bad.

That was totally rude!!! I also really hate it when I am in a public bathroom and there are like 15 stalls and someone comes in and sits right next to me! Isn't there like a two stall minimum of separation. If the bathroom is full, fine, but if it is empty... MOVE OVER WOMEN!!!

wow! im so happy for you, congratulations a million times over! you're going to be a great mum!

-kat from canada

congratulations, beth.

I had leg cramps when I was pregnant. Start eating bananas. You're low on potassium.

Apparently you didn't notice the camera I had her carry in there!

Love the lima bean site!

also, yes the cramps suck. It sounds crazy, but try getting up off of Hank when they strike, and just walk around your bedroom. That helped mine calm down much more quickly that just screaming and clutching my hubby's chest hairs (tho that was fun too)

Was that your hot smokin' ass I saw at ?

Just curious.

Oh, and our little girl has been described as a "chunk." At 20 months she's 31 pounds, I have no idea where that is on the "average" scale. But her head is like 125th percentile. FYI.

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