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Moment of Truth

I look pregnant today.

Also, I might have felt the Lima Bean move last night, or it might have been the two frosted oatmeal cookies I ate. Hard to tell, really.

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Awww :) how cute!

it was the oatmeal cookies. how can i be so sure, you aks? why, it's not the 5th yet and that's the day i predicted LB would first move. so there. mystery solved.

Pictures?? Of you looking pregnant??

Yeah, really, where are the preggo pics??

We want pics of your cute tummy. :)

I've never felt MY oatmeal cookies move, so I vote for the Lima Bean.


Yep -- time for some photos... let's get the show on the road!

It had to have been the bean. Because this is the date I picked.

So sayeth me.

Lima bean must have liked the cookies. Or the cookies liked Lima Bean.

If you aren't sure if it was the Lima Bean or not, how are you going to determine who won the contest? LOL Not that I'm worried. I lost already. LOL

Well, you know, it was bound to happen. And I bet you look just adorable.

Ya. I am jumpin' on the callin' for prego pictures bandwagon. I wanna see!
Pimp hat hu? I would have to see a picture of that too, my imagination just isn't there I guess. I've seen my cats in more of a "baby" in the baby carriage than in pimp hat

There is absolutely NO other feeling than that of feeling the baby move inside you. It is truly a miracle. Enjoy this time, sweetheart, as it passes way too fast!

Mrs. Fish!!!! I love you might have felt the Lima Bean move! You are going to LOVE this journey!

Wait until you are huge and sit in a bath tub and with the water trying to cover your belly you are going to get the best show of Lima Bean movement ever! I loved getting to know my son when he was moving! I could tell how he moved inside of me when he was born and moved! It was awesome!

Awwww! You felt the flutteries? Just wait until you get to the "I'm going to kick the FUCK outta mom" stage! (use of naughty words intended, as I read Dad's blog too)

We need bellay pics!

You felt it move, fer sure. *Yay*! Pretty soon the I think it moved..will turn into STOP KICKING MY BLADDER I'M TRYING TO SLEEP! ;-)

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