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More whining, less waiting

So anyway, we have this new site, Adventures of the Cactusfish for the baby, and Chris said that he thinks he will start posting most of his baby-related thoughts there rather than his blog. I told him I would do the same, but since all I ever write about anymore is baby-related thoughts if I did that I would have to shut down this site.

So instead, I will just bitch and moan over there in addition to bitching and moaning here. If any of you were feeling like you weren't getting enough bitching and moaning, today is your lucky day.

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Love the new site :) Too cute :) When do you tell the pets? :)

Feel free to bitch and moan all you want, afterall you have a living, breathing, moving thing inside your belly. That entitles you to all kinds of special perks, and proves that you are a stronger woman than I. :)

Yes, please bitch in both places!

Feel free to bitch and moan whenever and wherever you like. I do it all the time, but I'm nasty like that. Beanette bitching and moaning is cool, anyways :)

I think it is waaaay easier for men to separate themselves.

Honestly, I enjoy reading blogs written by women about their lives, including their children. It is fun to relate to all that goes on because we are all multi-dimensional. If you were to cut out one of those dimensions, well, it wouldn't be as interesting and I would wonder what the heck is wrong that you aren't obsessed with the little lima bean.

Your blog will be obsessed with baby girl for a while, but soon you will find other things to talk about (about, oh, a year after her birth!) Nah - you'll force yourself to come up with other things before then - but we will all know what you are *really* thinking about... :)

OH oh... extra whining and moaning. Good stuff!

The picture is lovely! So is the site...spoiled already with her own site...sheesh.

Yay bitching and moaning!

And, hee, y'all are just too Internetty. I mean, how many fetuses have their own blogs? Y'all are breaking new ground here, yo.

Yeah, if I were to start a pregnancy/baby blog, my site would probably shrivel up and die. Because, even when you swear you'll never become one of those women who do nothing but talk about their kids and being pregnant, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to really pull off. It's a nice site. But I hope you continue to bitch and moan here too ;)

The site is great, and so is the fact that we'll be reading even more bitching and moaning :)

I feel tingly all over!

Oh, thank god. All I've been hearing today is "happy this" and "wonderful that" and "joyous whatever."

I need a little bitching and moaning to keep me real. Ya know?

Um. Yeah?

I love the bitching and moaning. I love that your talking about the pregnancy... because it's real to you. It's your life, and thats what we come here to read about. :)

I love knowing that someone else feels the exact same way I do - it's great to be normal :)

can i get fries with my order of the bitch and moan? i will be coming back for more :)

You just know we can NEVER get enough of your bitching an moaning!!

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