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People, please

I know it's tempting, but I don't care who you are or how well you know her, unless you are the person directly responsible for her condition, do not touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking for and receiving her permission.

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And can we turn that around a bit too? Can we please ask that pregnant women not force people to touch their stomachs?? There is no good way to say no!

Yes, please. Can we put a halt to that shit, people? It's rude either way.

You should totally put a fake alien under your shirt. That way when they touch your stomach, out pops the alien. I'm not sure how to do it, but it would be funny as hell.

I guess that could be annoying after a while, and rude. Just slap their hands the next time someone tries to do that. But I should think it's okay for your mom to do it, no?

See, being overweight while pregnant did not allow for strangers to touch my belly because, well, you really couldnt tell. Ha! But family still did this. Crazy belly touchers! ;o)

The touching, yeah it is uncomfortable. What I hate more is a greeting from a co-worker such as "My look at your belly!" "Yeah morning to you *too*."

When did I stop being a female co-worker and start being a walking belly that inhibits the workplace?

That has always bothered me. Why do people think it's okay to touch a pregnant woman's stomach like it's their God given right or like it's public property now that it is embiggened with a baby? It's still a part of the mother's body that, were she not preggers, you WOULDN'T JUST GO AND FEEL UP! Hands off the belly, buddy!

totally rude... after they touch your belly feel up their ass, smile, and walk away...

LOL - I like Mojavi's response. They do it to me too. That and the "Whoa look at your belly". Yeah thanks - I already know I'm fat - did you have to ruin my morning that way?

Every time I talk to this pregnant lady here at work she spends the entire time rubbing on her belly. Freaks me out a little bit. And I don't think I would ever willingly just touch someone else's belly, pregnant or not.

I agree! Hands off.

Just so we're clear...I count as one of those people right? I have full belly touching rights?

Yea. Folks like that need their hands slapped.

I used to touch the belly of this pregnant woman at work all the time. We were pretty good friends but it kinda seemed like a nice way to say hello to her and the baby at the same time. She never objected and seemed happy that I did it.

I stopped after about a year and a half when I realized she wasn't pregnant.

It only gets worse, the bigger you get. Just develop a grouchy look that keeps people far far from your belly. That, of if they do manage a belly rub, rub theirs back.

I'm sure that's a good rule. I wouldn't even consider doing that. Unless invited, it just seems totally rude

That ALWAYS made me so uncomfortable!

Amen! One of my largest pet peeves as a pregnant woman.

I think you should just pretend that touching puts you into early labor and really really hurts.

Then look at them like they should OBVIOUSLY know this.

Then take the day off. ;)

That goes along with the ever-popular, always a favorite:
"Are you SURE you're not having twins?"

Kiss my spreading ass.

Rough Easter with the fam, huh?

OMG...I would die. No touching period!

Sing it sistah!

Yes and no touching any other body parts without permission!!

If I ever get pregnant, that is the kind of thing that will totally enrage me. I am going to be such a pissed-off pregnant lady someday, ha ha!

I don't understand why people do that! I promise if I run into you...I won't touch you! : ) Maybe it just brings back fond memorys of tummys or something!?

If I ask first, can I touch it? PLEASE! I mean, seriously, what if I never have my OWN pregnant belly to touch? Wouldn't you feel bad for depriving me of that?

Oh simply the WORST part of being pregnant!!

Had a "friend" who had breast reduction surgery and we figured out that if something -- breasts or belly -- sticks out a certain number of inches past the skeleton, it seems to become public property. What is UP with that?

PS: Finally updated my blog links to include you.

I promise, when we actually do get to meet each other in person, I will not grope your belly. Even with my closest friends, I would ask before touching. Otherwise, it is just rude. And with people you don't know very well? A little creepy.

i'll second that!

When they're done rubbing your belly, ask if they'd like to feel your tits too.

"unless you are the person directly responsible for her condition" Oh Beth, you are too funny :0) My friend Terry and I had a big discussion about this when she was pregnant...and the whole asking thing, which I totally agree with...then one day in church she just grabbed my hand and stuck in on her belly...the baby now known as Sarah was kicking. Most precioius thing ever.

and even if you are the person responsible you should be careful.

My sisters husband used to come home everynight and say hello to the belly before my sister. At about month 8 while I was standing there she WHACKED him a good one in the head and said "Hey (not polite name) I am up here!" He learned his lesson :)

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