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Pitter Patter

You might think that I rented a doppler heartbeat monitor to reassure myself that Lima Bean is happy and well. You would be wrong, that is only a pleasant side-effect. The real reason I rented the Doppler was so I could put Lima Bean's heartbeat on the internet.

This is pretty rough, and for a while in the middle you will be treated to my very own heartbeat rather than Lima Bean's, but by the end you can hear the little sucker pretty clearly.

Now, if I could just get this kid to move.

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Holy shit.

That is so cool. I am assuming that the faster beat at the end is our little darlin'.

I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy as much as I am.

Best regards and best wishes,


That is fecking crazy. Holy crap.

That? is AWESOME!

Now do the cat!

You are hilarious. I thought you *bought* it and that that must be the new rage after seven years of not being pregnant.


I agree: now do the cat!

But whaddya know-- you really do have a little person in there.

Can we save that comment about it moving already and quote it back to you in a couple of months? ;)

I made Dereck come and listen to it too so I could show off the fact that I could tell the difference between the two: the baby's is really fast.

That was the most beautiful sound!!!!!

Oh my God... how beautiful.

oh my god. that is so cool. rock on :D :D

I never thought a Lima Bean could make such a lovely sound, but you have proved me wrong. Now seriously, do the cat.


Aw, warm and fuzzy feelings. Thanks for those.

You mean you have a doppler AND a smokin' ass? I'm takin' my toys and going home.

This is the one thing that has made me turn my computer speakers on in the last few weeks. I love that sound. Thanks for sharing it.

Now, my expertise would tell me that by timing the number of heartbeats, subtracting your heartbeat, multiplying it times the week of pregnancy and dividing it by pi, then adding my age and getting the square root of that number, I would say...
it's a girl.
Or a boy.

Awww! So cute. (Ok, I already listened on Chris's, but I made The Boy listen, too, and he was enchanted. After this weekend, I'm surprised he was even mildly interested in ANYTHING, so Lima's pretty freakin' amazing!)

That is so neat! Perhaps Lima Bean needs a blog of his/her own? ;)

I just commented on your Hubby's blog about this one. :-)
Like I told him, it's the most beautiful sound ever!
Blessings to you both.

What a magical thing to share with us!

Talk about a keepsake for your Lima Bean in the years to come.

Ironically, LB is what we called our first child before he came into the world. He's 10 now, and pretty soon he'll be taller than me!

that was beautiful. im serious, my throat got all choaked up :)

that's neat. thanks for sharing LB!

thank you for sharing this with us - so EXCITING!!

That's very amazing.
Thank you for sharing it with us, the Internets.

The most beautiful sound ever!!

That's sweet.

OMG!!! I am sitting here crying!!! Then I wondered if you were just tricking us with the cat's heart tones instead!

Seriously, I am all misty and in awe of the miracle of creation all over again!

Gotta love technology! I tried counting the beats to see if you're having a boy or girl but I lost track. ;-)

*smiling* You've no idea how many memories you've just brought flooding back to me...I must go cry now..... :)

That is so very cool!

that is flippin awesome!

How can I get mine to STOP moving. I am only 13.5 weeks and the kid is jumping bean. I feel it all the time! I have been told to cut down on OJ and other sweet stuff because this kid is clearly going to have issues once he arrives into this world with ADD and sugar highs. So maybe to get the lima bean to jump, drink some oj and eat a brownie.

That's incredible! how exciting!

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