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Shall we play a game?

I stole this straight from my husband, but he got me into this mess so I think he owes me a post or two. First thing tomorrow morning we are having a sonogram and, provided Lima Bean doesn't turn out to be a little prude, we are hoping to get a good enough look to tell whether it is a little girl legume or a little boy legume. So, since I am tied up in meetings all day I thought I would let you entertain yourselves by guessing which it is. I'll even give you some old wives pointers:

The heart rate runs between 150 and 160 (girl).
I am carrying everything right in front (boy).
I never had a minute of morning sickness (girl).
I'm craving salty food (boy).

So. what do you think?

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I had tons of morning sickness when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn.

Other than that, I'm leaning towards boy. The heartrate, while high, isn't too high. :)

i'm gonna cheat too and just leave the same comment i left on chris's site.

i think it's a girl. no reason. that's just the first thing that popped into my head. plus, girls rock so it would be totally cool to have a girl first.

though boys are cool too. gee, now i don't know. is it too late to work it so that you have twins??

I already posted over there: I think you are having a boy, and I think you think are having a boy.

I never had morning sickness with my boys.

I'm thinking it's a female legume. For no other reason than, I just am. Cyber intuition. How's that for scientific and profound?

I'm guessing boy. Everyone I know has boys. (okay, technically I don't "know" you, but still)

I think you're having a girl. I don't have a reason, I just feel like you are.

I had horrible morning sickness with all three of my girls... and with my boy. So I have NO idea. But if you haven't had any morning sickness I am thinking there is something not fair going on... so it must be a boy, 'cause boys are less fairerer then girls... hmmmmm??? My logic sucks doesn't it?

My absolutely 100% wild guess opinion is that you're having a girl.

i'm totally going with girl. i don't know why, but for some reason, since the reveal i've seen you guys with a little girl.

I am going more for boy too. I had morning sickness with my first daughter like no other. I didn't ever have any with my second daughter. I carried my son all in front and had morning sickness with him slightly. I don't know what all to believe with those wives tales, but based on the heart rate, I'd say boy.
They also say that if you get heartburn, the baby is going to have a full head of hair!

Now, my mom, after having two girls, is convinced that girls give you morning sickness because they are stealing your beauty from you. So. Based on that nasty tidbit, I think you are going to have a boy. Plus I just have that feeling. Boy boy boy boy. But if you find out it's a girl, I never said boy. Fair weather fan like that.

the old wives tale is actually that if you have morning sickness, it's a girl and if you don't, it's a boy.

either way, for some reason i'm getting girl vibes out of you...

I had three months of all day sickness with my first girl, so I totally don't believe that one. Like I told Chris, I'm getting a girl vibe. But then again, having 2, I can't imagine anything else.

I think the legume is decidedly female

i'm betting on a girl. in fact, if i am right, i'll send you $50. payable with proof on sonogram.

I say girl, for reasons Chris is all at "fault" for. ;)

Of course, guys are responsible for the sex of the kid, anyway...

i'm feeling a boy. but last year i was 0-3 with my intuition for friends' babies, so that would actually mean girl.

Cyber vibes say it's a Girl!

I had apt yesterday and the heartbeat was in the 150s which dr said *indicated* to her it *might* be a girl (yipee!)

So. If your's is a girl, I'll just start buying pink for me too :).

We don't have the ultrasounds tech check for us. And this is the first time I ever asked the doctor what the heartbeat meant...

I always heard that no morning sickness meant a boy...

But I'll vote here the same way I voted at Chris's place - BOY!

I say it's a girl. :o)

I'm going with girl, just because it would be cool to have a lima bean grow up with a smokin' ass like her mother's. Of course, a man with a smokin' ass is okay by me. :) Just thought I'd help you continue the talk about your ass.

Boy-- because well I admit it I went to Chris's website and said it was a betting on both red and black in vegas :D

I've recently found out from all the knocked-up ladies at work that you can pee in a cup of Drano to help determine what it will be. Something like that. It blew my mind.

Girl! Cos I love 'em! Oh wouldn't you love those pretty pretty clothes u can dress 'em in! :)

Plus I think there's more females in the Cactus-Fish household anyway... let's just add one more to Mr. Fish's list :)

Yeah, I'm thinking she's a girl, too. Just because.

Chris didn't give hints, which makes your post infinitely better.

I say boy. Definitely boy.

I thought no morning sickness = boy??

At any rate, I'm saying boy. Mostly b/c I think Chris would implode with saccharine sweetness if he had two women to dote on in his life. ;-P

Just like I stated on Chris' site. I think it's a girl because you need someone to share your purses with. (

Like I told Chris, I think you might be having twins! This way I can guess a boy and a girl and still be right. (I always lose at games, so I have to cheat)

Boy. I just always pictured you guys with a boy. No idea why.

Thanks for the hints. I guessed boy over at Rude Cactus and now that I have more clues, I am still saying boy. All the best people have a boy first and then a girl (you know, a complete set). I didn't have a day of morning sickness with either of my kids but I did carry my boy much lower than my girl.

Have you done the pendulum test yet? I told Chris about this also. Tie your wedding band to a string and hold it over your belly. If it swings in a strong circle, you are having a girl. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. Let us know how that turns out before you do the sonogram. It worked for me both times. I was old-fashioned and didn't find out the sex of my kids until they exited the womb. If I did it now, I would find out as soon as possible though, just because we can.

I have a whole list of old wives tales somewhere on my blog. I'm guessing a girl.

I think it's a BOY! I don't know why really, I just get the feeling it is... :)


Well, I told Chris you were having a girl... so I'll tell you you're having a boy.

That way all my bases are covered, and I'm right no matter what. ;)

I'll guess boy - and if I'm right, it'll be the first time ever.

Good luck

Twins. One of each. *runs*

i'll give more weight to the way you're carrying because that has worked in this office. So boy it is. But I still think you shouldn't tell us at all.

Ooohhh, I can't play. I hate to be wrong and there's only two choices and so I'll feel like even more of a loser if I choose incorrectly. One thing I am sure I'm right about is that Lima Bean is gonna be a beautiful little person regardless....

You are gonna tell us, right?! When you guys reveal the sex of the baby to be a boy----or a girl---- I'll admit that is what I guessed.

I'm going with "it's a girl" Just an intuition. And I can't get over the no morning sickness thing. When that happened with me, it was a girl!

If you have had any dreams about already having a kid, Lima Bean is the sex of the child in the dream.

I'm not normally into the whole dream interpretation thing but we waited till the baby was born to find out the boy/ girl thing. It was a guessing game the whole 9 months. People had me convinced it was a girl based in how I was carrying and the heart rate, ect. I kept having dreams of little boys. Out popped a boy.

Ummm, guessing boy, just 'cause. What do the Chinese Gender Prediction calculators say?

beth, i tried to email you but it didn't work... is it beth@thisdomain?

I'm going to say it's a girl. I'm very partial to sweet kissable baby girls.

I'm saying boy, because my son's heart rate ran in that range too. Also? Because I happen to (now) have a soft-spot for boy Munchkins.

I'm thinking... Boy

i'm thinking girl...i just picture you two with a girl. yup.

I didn't read everyone else's comments, because I'm lazy - but I'm going to be (hopefully) different and suggest twins - one male, and one female. There, that takes care of everything.

girl :-)
Between the two of you, you could have Chris so wrapped...and he would love it!!!

Girl plain and simple.

You have established there is just one legume...right?


Ok, more wivestales. Too much heartburn-born with hair. Show too soon-girl. Girls steal mothers beauty, boys enhance it. Hey, maybe she'll have your smokin' ass!! :)

Best of luck today Beth!!

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