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Strong Enough

Do you guys know that Sheryl Crow song that goes "are you strong enough to be my man?" Well, when you are pregnant and trying to get dressed in the morning, that song can easily become "are you long enough to be my shirt?"

God, I feel like hell today
Why won't work just go away?
Have to go, can't look like dirt
Are you long enough to be my shirt?

Lie to me
I promise I'll go shopping
Lie to me
Say your buttons aren't popping

I have a belly I cannot show
Make the fashion rules up as I go
It's stretch to fit me, it won't hurt
Are you long enough to be my shirt?

Hey, you people are lucky. Lima Bean had to listen to this live.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure we all want some audio to back that up though. :)

hey thats pretty good, i was singing along to myself as i read it!!! so did you find a long enough shirt?


That's hilarious. I would definitely love to hear it.

I loved that song the first time around! Your version is much more applicable I think. Thanks for the laugh, at your expense unfortunately!

LOL! Nice lyrics... Sheryl better watch out for you hah?

Very nice! Wanting the "Behind the Music: The Fish" show to air so we cna hear you sing it. :)

That's hilarious. I was thinking the exact same thing this morning - except I wasn't creative enough to come up with the Crow connection.

I think I like it better than the original. Hee!

Awesome! I love it!

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the next Weird Al.. only she's not REALLY weird and her name isn't Al.. ;)

Hey Beth, it is she-of-the-same-due-date. I bit the bullet yesterday and went out and purchased 4 maternity garments [2 dresses, a blouse and a skirt].

I too got fed up getting dressed in the morning! I guess you can say I've finally hit the Big Time! ;-)

Well, it's good to prepare her early for a lifetime of listening to you making up songs. It's not fair to spring that on a newborn.

Yeah, I looked for the "play" button everywhere, but alas, no audio. Thats a lucky lima bean to have her mommy sing for her!

now i have that song stuck in my head.

LMAO! That was hilarious!

LOL! Damn funny, Beth! Time for a shopping trip I think. :D


Someone needs to sit Chris down and have a serious talk about having you taped.

I loathe Sheryl Crow...but you know..thanks to you. That song is TOTALLY stuck in my head.
I hate you.

Is you shirt on the RIGHT way today?


Okay now that one should be put in an audio blog!!!

Hee, now that's funny.

LOL - I here you! Tonight I had a girls night out, I tried to put on this cute little going out top from pre-pregnancy that had some extra space below the cleavage so I figured it would accomodate my belly - I even grossed myself out when I put it on - what the hell was I thinking? I must get Cosmo Boy to take a picture and I'll share it with you. You never realize how big you've gotten until you try to put something on that you haven't worn in a while...

At least you're opposed to vomiting, as I was when in your condition.

LOL!! I was singing along in my head with you!! Can't wait for the cd release date!!

Yeah, that's gonna have to go on your CD.

LOL! That just made my day. =P

Well, I bet you look just adorable. And if not, at least it's for a really good cause.

Hee Hee, I just wanted to say that I read this last night but didn't comment because pretty much everyone else expressed my sentiments in their comments. However, I STILL have that song (not necessarily with your new and improved words) in my head this morning. It's still here, now, as I type. Hahahahaha. Thought you should know. ;)

Can we get a 'live' recording of that for ourselves?! I would love to hear it! ;-)

I must say, I'm a wee bit jealous of the Beanette.

i think you just ruined my favorite sheryl crow song.

still, it's impressive ;)

Audioblog. I'll only ask one more time, but it would be SO awesome...


Let me just say I love you, because that? Was hilarious.

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