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Things not to do when your pregnant wife points out that her belly button is the size of a moon crater

1. Say "ew"
2. Recommend that she begin storing her chap stick in there
3. Check to see whether the chap stick actually fits

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You crazy kids

Men. I tell ya.

Tell him he must use the chapstick until it runs out. ;)

I'm sorry, but that is very funny.

Wait til your belly button sticks out.

He'll apply the chapstick to it.

What part of the flower-bed did you bury him in?

Oh no he di-ent! :) Hey I have an idea of wear you can suggest you put the chapstick next, but I am trying hard to maintain my rep as a "lady" :)

I'm sure that will NEVER happen again....right?

So, did it fit? :D

Okay, okay...who was I to know that people get that sensitive about belly buttons? I hereby promise (in got witnesses) that I shall never comment upon the bellybutton again...or suggest that it be used for storage...or actually try to store anything in it myself.

I don't know about the chapstick, but did ya try an altoid?

Ok so the other night dh and I were sleeping with me spooning behind him.

My moon crater bellybutton had created a suction there on his back so that when I turned around, quite an obvious unsealing sound was heard.

Ewwww indeed!

Was the cap on or off? Cause with it off, it would help it stick in there better. Unless there was alot of lint or something. Say, wouldn't it look even cooler to stick one of those giant sized gumdrops in there?

you guys crack me up!!! How hard did you hit him heehee!!!

Or maybe even a tootsie pop.

well you are always looking for places to keep more chap stick....hehe

ok, who says ew to begin with has no right to start that kind of crazy talk...bad Chris.

If I was the cranky type, I probably would have suggested EXACTLY where he could stick the chap stick :)


I can;t wait to get pregnant!!

I was gonna say something like what Jen said in the fourth comment...and trust me, it WILL stick out, like a sore thumb, literally! You might consider using your belly button for temporary storage for something that you will need in a couple months, as it will have resurfaced by then.

Heh, I wouldn't wait for anyone to suggest it, I would probably try it on my own first!

Anyway, I just happened upon your blog. Thought I'd say hi. So, Hi!

HA! My belly-button is in the sticking out phase of pregnancy...yeah it's creepy.

OH dear! The chapstick really needs to find a new home.
Hope you have a great weekend.

oh goodness! That is definitely on the list of "do not do, dear husband of mine" list

Ok, ok, I know Chris promised not to try it again, but I am betting that give it a few weeks and yall will be at it again.

Forget about if you're pregnant, I hate anyone mentioning my belly button, PERIOD! My boy decides to randomly stick his finger in my belly button and the next thing he knows, he's on the floor. Ew! lol.

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